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      so yesterday my family went out to eat after a busy day. well anyhow while eating my younger sister who is 14 brought up the subject of her being hit on by a classmate. So this sparked a whole conversation about dating. I was sitting there being quiet , eating and thinking about some things ( Including my boyfriend who happens to be my 3rd cousin down the line) Well recently we had (not because i really wanted to) gone to a family reunion that only had my great uncles family and no one else. While in the middle of this conversation my stepdad said that i fall in love with anybody who looks at me. This is not true. I used to struggle with self esteem issues and never was popular, skinny, etc. Now that im older i don't (im 19) im fixing to move out and i know i can make my own choices and i understand the consequences of my choices. I know that as an adult it's up to me on how i want to live my life.
      Well my stepdad said that something that was really hurtful and it was that i was lucky there were no boys at the family reunion. They always make fun of us about when they knew we were together. They will bring it up and in order for there not be an argument (we had one back in june over it) i pretend to go with it so it can be shut down quickly. But it really hurts when he brings it up in that way. I've done the research about and there is no laws and nothing against it except the taboo and how people feel. His family is fine with us and i've been in contact and they are really accepting of our realtionship and see nothing wrong in it.
      How do i deal with this. I'm still with my bf and they don't know. The jokes hurt and i've come to realize they will never accept us when the time comes to tell them. What do i do? how do go about it? I love him very very much and we've been together since january and we'll be at 7 months this august. How do i even combat the negativity? Any help or advice is very much appreaciated. This site has been very helpful and will continue to.
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