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Please help me!

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First of all hello to everyone on this forum. I'm a new member. And also I'm really sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.

I really need help with something, I don't know what to do :((.

Here's my story. I started talking with my third cousin (I'm 21 she is 22 and we are not blood related) in September this year when I was visiting my home country as I live abroad and have been for the last 10 years, and we really got along. When I came back we started talking on Facebook, Skype, over the phone and we really hit it off.

We have a lot and when I say a lot, it's like 9999tons of things in common. And we both started sharing life stories and stuff like this. After a month of going like this I started to have strong feelings for her, all I could thing about was her and how every time we talk over the phone or online she makes me smile and happy.

At the end of last month I faced my fears and I told her that I love her. Surprise surprise she felt the same way. After that we started saying I love you like every 5 minutes.

The problem is I'm going to see her at the beginning of February as I took 10 days of work just to go back to see her, and I'm going to stay at her place. We kept saying "I can't wait to be with you to hold you in my arms, to fall asleep in my arms" and other stuff.

Anyway the thing is she doesn't know I want to be with her and I'm really scared to tell her. I know she won't get upset or angry, well I don't actually have the slightest clue how she is going to react to be honest and that's why I'm scared.

I was thinking of waiting to go to see her and just kiss her and tell her how I feel. I'm really scared she is going to find somebody else and I'm going to end up suffering and blaming myself for not doing anything (which I know it's going to be my fault).

I really love her from the bottom of my hurt, it's not just a crush. I love how we connect, how we got so many things in common, I don't know I just love her :(. Is this a really bad thing ?

I'm also scared she might not see me that way because of my age. I know it's only a year difference but I don't know, I'm just scared.

Sorry for repeating my self I just don't know what to do. I really want to be with her. I've had a few relationships before, the longest one was my last one which lasted 2 years, and I never got along and had so many things in common as I have with my 3rd cousin.

Please I need your help. I need your advice.

Thanks a lot and sorry again for my bad english and for repeating myself.

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Wait, so you basically want to tell her that you love her and want to be with her, right? But you happen to be nervous about it. Why?? U said she feels the same way about you so you have nothing to worry about. By the sound of it, it does look like she likes you as much as u like her. Just tell her how you feel! Be confident! From how I see it, you have nothing to be worried about out.

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Yeah, I'm really really really nervous. I don't want to lose her.

There is another thing I forgot to mention. I kept dropping hints that I like her (as a GF), and I keep telling her she's beautiful that she has a really beautiful smile and eyes and she didn't thought it was weird. She also keeps saying she can't wait to see me, and fall asleep in my arms and stuff like that.

I want to tell her how I feel but I'm really scared I'm going to lose her :((.

Can you give me your advice after what I just replied now please.

I'm really sorry about this but I'm really scared that I'm going to lose her :(.

Thanks a lot!

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Thunder I did it! I faced my fears and told her and you were absolutely right.  She had the same feelings. Man I'm so happy. We are going to take things slowly and see how it goes.

Thanks a lot for all the help! AND THANK YOU THUNDER!

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