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How do you deal with judgement?

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I posted a reply to my topic under a different name but finally figured out how to get into this account.

Anyways, I posted here in 2018. I was very unhappily married and fell in love with my cousin. Long story short, after trying to cut him off and work on my marriage, I ended up getting divorced. We are now in a committed relationship but long distance. We only see each other every 2-3 weeks but talk all day every day and are committed to making it work until we close the distance.

Our relationship was exposed by my ex. Neither one of us have much family. Parents are dead and I am an only child. One of our cousins was disgusted and turned her back on us.  His siblings and children (adult and teenagers) are all supportive of us. At least to our faces.

My teenage son is disgusted and thinks I am “weird”. Will not listen to my reason and is dead set that I am wrong. He has threatened to cut me off if I don’t cut my cousin off. 

He is the absolute love of my life. I know in a million years Ill never find anyone that lives me the way he does. I feel like Im a pretty educated smart person and not a backwoods hillbilly as the stereotype goes. 

How do you deal with the judgement?. I know in my heart I love him too much to walk away. Am I throwing my life away?


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Don't be afraid about your teenage son. He doesn't understand much because he is still immature. 

Sons usually love their Moms so much that they don't care even if they turn for prostitution. At least i don't.

Wait few more years until your son is mature enough, and when he is ready to leave home, you can settle down with your cousin. 

I am new to this forum because I am also newly fallen in love with my second cousin, I'm male, 24, she is 20 girl. I haven't shared my feelings to her yet. Anyway,

I wish you all the best. 

Lord give me strength to break the ice.

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