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Kids removed by cyf because we're cousins

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My kids have been removed because we're cousins. They were honor roll students, lived in a gorgeous home, we own our own business and everyone is against us because we had kids together. Attorneys, judges. The kids are ashamed of us too because everyone keeps telling my kids it's a shameful incestuous relationship. Kids are even ashamed to live with us now. Does anyone know of the lobbying activists that are trying to correct this horrible taboo against first cousins? 

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Well, there is no lobbying effort. I would pickup my kids and get the hell out of there. Nobody would take my kids from me. Statistically that are in far greater danger when "unrelated" caregivers take charge.

Nobody is coming to save you. Move to a state where it is legal to marry one's cousin  And put this behind you as quickly as possible.

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