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i'am really in an awkward position... I've started apologizing to my second cousin, just coz i think i had said something stupid to her the last tym we met,  and i don't know  what she thinks about me nw , with all the apolegetic msgs i've been sending her, i txt her saying  i'am sorry for saying this and that , and then she txts back saying i'am being stupid, that i shudn't apologize this much..  i didn't know she existed and neither did she untill earlier this year. And since then we have just met two times  one being in the start of the year and the other being just a few days ago, and i really like her (not sure that i have a crush on her)so i can't stand the thought of her hating me for some reason ,Nw the thing is that i can't say if she really meant what she txtd or  she  sent that just for namesake  :(

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Why wouldn't you take her at her word?  She told you that you were overdoing the apologies and I would believe her.  If you want any chance with this girl you have to stop being so needy and full of self-doubt.  Take things easy here, buckaroo!  You don't see each other very often so it sounds like nothing terribly serious can come from this relationship - as least not at this time in your life. 

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