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What should I do?

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Hi Everyone!

So it's been a bit over 3 years since we parted.  I've been through many adventures and life experiences during this time and have gain a bit more insight in life.  But straight to the point. My questions are:

1)  Should you forgive your cousin for cheating on you?

2) I really want my heart to be at peace so I'm thinking of contacting her and letting her know i forgive her but my mind is telling me to wait instead for her to contact me if she wanted forgiveness from me because if someone really wants forgiveness they'll come to you right?  What would you do?

3) I had a shit load of questions in my mind, but it's not coming up as of right now.  Guess i should lay in bed and try to sleep.  That should help the ideas come back haha.

But yeah, Thanks.

*I will always love you, but never be in love with you*

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From how I see it, start talking to her and see how shes talking back to you. If u really want to know if shes seeking forgiveness, just ask! When the topic comes up, just be like "So do u feel bad for wat u did?" or something like that. If u find out she doesnt even feel guilty for wat she did, I would say she doesn't deserve your forgiveness as she clearly doesn't realize wat she did to you.

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You don't have to speak to her to give her your forgiveness.

Forgiveness is for you to be able  to get on with your life.

She doesn't  even have to know your are forgiving her.

And you definately don't have to have her permission to forgive her.

Doesn't matter if she wants it or not.  Remember, forgiveness is

for letting you get on with your life and not letting the hurt or memories

interfere with that. It puts you at ease and peace with the situation.

If you can't do this then you are not ready  to forgive her and it

will continue to interfere with your life.

It is not necessary for her to ask for forgiveness for you to give it. and you don't even

have to tell her. Whether she would accept it or not is irrelevant.

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