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My ex-husband is blackmailing me! Pls help

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My ex-husband is blackmailing me. We are legally separated but have not proceeded through the divorce yet because we are trying to sort out what to do as far as the kids. He broke into my Facebook and found a conversation btwn my cousin and I about our feelings for each other. He took pictures of myFacebook messages and is blackmailing me. Being the controlling partner that he is he now has the golden ticket to controlling everything I do by threatening to take our kids away from me and telling our whole family that I'm a "cousin :bleep:".


    I don't know what to do. I feel so trapped. I feel like this is going to tear my life apart. Like my ex-husband will use this to keep me from moving to Virginia. To keep me from leaving the state with our children, that he'll tell his family and I'll lose my relationship with his side of the family. That my kids will grow up with the family hushed whispers of "your mom is a cousin :bleep:".

    Please help. My cousin and I are determined to make this work. Our relationship is legal in my state and in Virginia. We have not yet established a relationship as we both have things to work on and get stable for our kids before jumping into another relationship. We know that. But we're stuck and terrified that we'll never even get a chance down the road with him blackmailing me like this. I need to move the kids and I because I cannot support us here by myself. It's far too expensive and I need the support system of my family who all live out of state. Especially while I'm finishing my doctorate.

    I just don't know what to do.

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Sorry dear, but your post is too long, the font is too small and with no white space, it's too difficult to read in it's entirety. 

However, I didn't need to read every word to discover that you are married, therefore you are off limits.  I don't know the laws in the state where you live, but I for one would not run the risk of losing my children if the laws concerning cousin relationships defines it as incest.  I also would not give my husband any ammunition to use against me in a divorce preceding,e.g., adultery. 

You need to get your own life in order, my dear. 

No matter how much you believe that you have found your own true love, you need to finish one relationship before starting on another.

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