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My cousin is coming to stay with me for two weeks how should I handle this?

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Ok this is going to be a long story but don't worry I'll put a tl;dr at the end. BTW this girl is my second cousin.

I am 19(male) and my cousin is 18(female) and we have been extremely close our entire lives. I see her about 10 times a year but only at family events (birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc.) She has always given me hints that she likes me like when she lays on me if we're watching a movie, holding my hand when no one else is paying attention, or even kissing me when it's just me and her (very rare). Whenever these things happen I get the butterflies and I'm pretty sure she does to, but I've never been able to approach her about a relationship or sex. I have always wished we could be together but I'm too afraid of the backlash my family will have on me. I fear that I will be looked upon as filth for dating anyone considered family, and I don't want to be dissowned because I truly love my family and enjoy spending time with them. In two weeks she is coming to stay at my house for winter break for a week, and will be sleeping in my bed the whole course of her stay. (i'll be on the floor lol) How do I handle this? If I asked her to be in a relationship or to have sex I'm pretty sure she would say yes but I don't want things to get awkward or have her think I'm weird for asking. I don't know what to do I'm just really confused at this point.

tl;dr: My second cousin is coming to stay at my house for a week and will be sleeping in my room, what do I do?

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Do you want a relationship with her or just sex?  The two are not mutually dependent upon each other.

Whatever you do, you DO NOT ask her if she wants to have sex with you.  You also need to find another floor to sleep on while she's there - NOT your bedroom floor while she is sleeping in your bed.

Take things slowly with her and treat her like a lady!!

If you can, take her out for coffee, or lunch or a movie, etc and if then ask her, "If we weren't cousins, would you consider dating me?".  See how the conversation proceeds from there.  If you get a positive response from here, great!  If not, be a gentleman and back down a bit.  Maybe she will need some time to think things over or maybe she's just being a little flirt with you and has no interest in a relationship.  The only way to find out for sure is to begin the conversation.

As far as your family goes, if the two of you begin a romance and your families are in opposition to it, you really have only one choice.  You must back away from each other and end the relationship.  If the two of you were totally independent people, living on your own, I would have different advice for you.  But while you are living under your parents' roof and relying upon them for financial support, then you are beholden to their rules.  Like it or not.

But let me stress once again, since you mentioned sex twice in your brief post, that by no means should the two of you be engaged sexually at this stage of your relationship.  Becoming intimate too early is the surest way to define a relationship as Only Physical. 

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