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In Memory and In Tribute... FirstCousinsWed

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Some of you here may already be aware of what I'm about to share, and to others this may be the first time you've heard it.

In June of 2008, first cousins Kathy and Dale married. Dale was a widow and Kathy was going through a divorce when they fell in love. Six months later, they found themselves here at cousincouples.com, under the name "FirstCousinsWed", enjoying the camaraderie of other consanguineous couples.

Dale was a motorcycle enthusiast... nothing less than a Harley, of course! Life was an adventure for the newlyweds. Dale and Kathy loved to laugh, ride and play together, and were enthusiastic about sharing their love with the world. They were interviewed in a NYT article, and had done a TV show (called shocking family secrets) for The Discovery Channel just last year. This summer they had been contacted by a Hollywood producer wanting to do a reality series with them.

On November 15th, Kathy lost her best friend, her husband, the love of her life, when Dale was killed in a motorcycle accident. It has been a terribly difficult time for her... in the short six weeks that have followed, she's faced her birthday, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas and New Years without him. I've been keeping her in prayer, and ask that you all do as well.

I spoke with Kathy on facebook today. She wanted me to share a few things here with you all... especially those of you who are timid about pursuing your relationship with the one you love. Here is what she says:

Kathy ******

I should get on cousin couples & say something but I'm still too much in shock.  One day..

Christie ******

hey, it's ok. i did mention it in response to the link that was posted to the NYT article, but i don't know how many people will see it. would you like for me to create a thread, and let everyone know?

Kathy ******

Sure you can do that,  you can even put his pic if you want.   I really want to tell everyone that life is to short to not go after your dream.... in my case marrying my first cousin!!

Christie ******

how about if i just copy that and post it there as a quote?


Sure,  just fix my typo!

------------------typo fixed Kathy!------------------

with her permission, here's a photo.431493_10152053284370203_1833684719_n.jpg

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I got to meet Kathy and Dale on one of my trips to Georgia to see my son and his family.

They were a wonderful couple! Felt like we had known each other forever.

Think Kathy even posted a picture of us at our meeting.

Prayers for Kathy and family as they face this season of Peace and Joy.

It will be a difficult one, Prayers  will get them through.

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Dear Kathy,

I'm sure that Dale is with you as much as possible.  The good news is, is that your love will never die, and that you will see him again in the Afterlife.  It is fantastic that you had the years you had, and that you shared so much.

You will remain in my prayers,

God Bless

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