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please i need advice

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I love my first cousin (my mother's brother's daughter). She is

18 and have 3 brothers and she is youngest among them, and iam good with all her brothers.

The situation is 3 months back during the messaging i conveyed my feelings in most ungenuine way (feeling embarrassing at that time, even the time was not correct I just told her about a first girl that I had crush on and then I told her I like her), she just asked me tell me the truth if its a joke it will hurt , I said I am serious and she said I like you 2.

Next day she told me

"dont do many msgs coz its not my personal cell (it was a cell that always remains home), or brother will feel something wrong and dis time im nt ready 2 any relation with any body nd whats our 'age' now nothing, we have future ahead ,nd

ill only say this

focus on ur studies and me also.

Sorry if i hurt u..

thats it by my side".

So instead of understanding her i fought with her over messages, and when i realised it i wrote an apology to her, but that apology message was read by her eldest brother and his wife.

After 2 months i visited her house (those 2 months no contact with her) i apologised her i made her head down in front of his brother and making her cry.

On my next visit for 4 days i was feeling awful so to mend my relation with her bro and his wife i took an initative to talk to his bro's wife i apologised her,  at that time she was also there she asked permission from her SIL(sister in law) to talk to me for 5 mins, the important thing she said to me at that time was she said "i need time", so respecting her wishes i said "take your time", at that time she was too amazed that she got something priceless from me.She also told me her bro threatned her and his wife "if we both have anything in between he will see both of us"

After a week she messaged me,(it was completely after 3 months she messaged me (up till today this was the only message i received from her ))

?Plz reply

2most beautiful things in your life



2people you love the most



2people you dont want to lose



2moments you are waiting for



So i replied

?2most beautiful things in my life



2people i love the most



2people i dont want to lose



2moments iam waiting for

1Your success

2My success

gud nt tk care?

then she didnt replied any thing.

She knows iam definately going to reply her message, because before 3 months back i used to reply to her such messages but now i thinks i replyed her very seriously?. Is it so? What she wants to know me through this message?

Whats going on her mind? Can she be thinking my feelings after 3 months are not as strong as they were before? What feelings she have for me? Does she love me?

All my inner peace is taken away by thousand of questions, i want to talk to her want to say "i have hurt you, even made you cry but i never meant to. what all love i have is only for you , the feelings i have for you will remain for rest of my life they will die when i will die"( i got chance many times to say this but you know iam shy to girls and a bad speaker )

I want to know how much time she needs, how do I ask her this I don't want to turn her off by being too serious.

I want to know If feelings are mutual then she can take her time, I don't want to have anything with her under her brother's nose.If feelings are not mutual what's the reason for taking time. Please advise me what to do I am thinking too much

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