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Hope this helps: KINSHIP CHART

Guest scorpius

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On 7/6/2011 at 12:59 PM, Guest scorpius said:


The kinship chart so confusing, i dont understand whats the meaning of once removed? My partner father and my mother are siblings, so me and my partner is first cousin alone? Not the once removed??

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Chanel yes you are only first cousins due to your respective parents being siblings.  Once removed refers to generations of cousins. Example, If your mom and your partner's father were first  cousins rather than siblings then you and your partner would be second cousins, That would mean his father and you would be first cousins once removed. I hope this clears the situation up for you.  

Indeed the chart tends to be confusing to some.

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On 5/15/2019 at 9:53 PM, Romalee said:

Chanel I am from Texas.


Wow good to hear you @Romalee. Here in phillipines it is not allowed to marry first degree cousin. And according to my mom, its a sin in the eyes of the people and god, is it indicate into the bible? That loving your first cousin is a sin? 

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9 hours ago, Chanel said:

And according to my mom, its a sin in the eyes of the people and god, is it indicate into the bible? That loving your first cousin is a sin? 

Although it's off topic, I will only reply once:

Of course it is not a sin! Matter of fact, the Bible is FULL of cousin relationships. Lol. A famous one in the Bible is Jacob (the grandson or "apo") of Abraham and Leah/Rachel are cousins. There are more examples. In the New Testament, I think a tradition can even be traced on Mary and Joseph (although I haven't studied this yet). Saying that cousin relationships is a sin in the eyes of God is definitely NOT true.

Sure, in the eyes of society, maybe it's a sin... But do you want the society to dictate what your relationship is like? For example, online dating has once had a bad reputation as to how two people meet one another, right? But nowadays, it's becoming more and more acceptable. If a person depends her happiness with acceptance from society, then nobody is going to be happy. You know what I am saying?

So as long as God is on your side -- that's all that matters. You love your cousin and that ends the discussion there. Period. 


Now moving on to the topic at hand.. .:)

The Kinship chart is a little confusing but there are charts that are easier to understand. What's more difficult is finding the specific laws that applies to the kinship chart. lol. For example, in the Philippines, Filipinos rely on the "family code of the Philippines". It has been there since forever and I don't think it will be revised pretty soon. Filipinos are largely catholic and a change in the family code might erode some of the rich heritage that our culture holds. For example, we do not allow divorce or same-sex marriage or anything along those lines. The family code protects us in that kind of a way. Changing the family code might endanger our traditional identity so I am in favor for it actually despite the fact that it disallows cousin marriages. Some charts are good shortcuts in identifying plausible marriages though especially if you are considering going abroad (marrying abroad).



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