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Im sorry my grammar is not really good...

Hey .. Im Cathy and im inlove with my cousin whos younger than me for a year. We grew up a part.When we migrated here. He use to stay in our apartment because he likes to hangout with my siblings l. We call him adopted brother. We dont really talk that time just hi and hello then bye.. One day after our practice at church he saw me crying

he didnt asked me why he just hugged me because he knows that I dont talk english. He used to hated me so much because of that ..

Then after he saw me watching anime. He suggested one anime and I loved it. Anime became our topic in our conversation. We used to watch anime every weekends in my room.. After that he talks to me and always say that im his favorite cousin but I dont believe him .. because I had a boyfriend that time and I dont really chill at them. He became close to my little sister whos same age as him.

some of my aunt got suspicious about them because they so close they just in the room for the whole day talking to each other. My mom talked to me about them and I said to her let them be they know what theyre doing. Around that time I had my own problem about me and my boyfriend. He cheated on me I caught him in his facebook ..

In my 18 birthday his one of my 18 roses. He bend his knees and gave me the rose and when we were dancing he told me he cant dance so I laughed and told him its ok. That time I only think him as my cousin. After my debut I broke up with my boyfriend because I liked someone else. I told my cousin about it and he said its ok atleast your free now but dont be desperate to look for next boyfriend wait for the right time I said ok.

Then after a few weeks we moved to a new apartment which it has 2 bedroom so my cousin was sleeping in the living room by himself. One night I was reading a manga in the living room at 3 am in the morning. I asked him if I can sleep with him there. He said yeah since im the only whos here. So around 4am im still reading and his staring at me. I asked him what his problem he said nothing do you want me to tell you story. I said yeah sure since im starting to get bored with manga. Then he told me stories about his friends. That night too he asked me why I only texted him once for the whole month and I only texted him to asked something.. Im surprised when he asked me that then I told him I thought you dont want to receive my text so im not texting you but im waiting for your text he said I asked him why he didnt answer. Then the next day I told him im going to sleep in the living room again he said yeah ok .. So everynight I sleep in the living room with him talking about our lovelife, friends, other cousins and etc.

Until one night he asked me if I liked someone in our cousin I said no .. Then 5 mins later he asked me again I said no. He asked me 5 times then I asked him if he likes someone in our cousins. He said yeah but he didnt tell me. He wants me to guess. I thought he likes my sister because they used to hangout. But he confessed to me that he used to like me for one day then the nextday its gone. Im surprised so i just smiled and asked him why he likes me. He said I dont know.  I told him why did u like me you always say that im stupid and unlady like and you told me you dont like that kind of girl. He didnt answer. The next morning I asked him if hes ok he said he felt a little awkward I said to him its ok its just a crush. But I cant stop thinking that he likes me because we felt the same way I liked him for one day then the nextday its gone.

Then after that weekend he confessed he always text me first he'll text me I miss you until it became I love you. One night he wrote me a love letter im was happy when I received it when I read it. It says there that he used to like me since before but hes afraid to tell me because he knew that I dont like him. He told me that he always got nervous everytime he sees me and igave him butterflies in his stomach. In the end of the letter theres a box hes asking me if I want to date him if yes check it. And I checked it. I still remembered his face that time he turned red.

So we started dating and a few weeks later we got into fight so I slept in my bed. I texted him at 3am if his awake he said yeah so I went to the living room and talked to him. He told me that he felt lonely cause im not there.

His the first person that I fully  trusted because I know his not going to cheat on me. His ex girlfriend cheated on him too. He caught his ex girlfriend almost kissed another guy in the party. I love everything about him. People said to me before one day you will going to find someone whos more stubborn than you. I believe in love horoscope. I read in horoscope that theres one person whos closer to me than that I think. It also says there that hes always watching you. At first I didnt think that its one of my cousins but day by day hes giving me a clue :)

Now were happy together even though sometimes we have misunderstanding. We try to talk about it in person and If ever that we last long we decided to save our money then live in a far away where no one knows us because we both know that our family are not going to let us to be together because it also happened before.

Just recently his sister found his rough copy of the love letter that he gave me. His sister got mad at him. I got scared when he told me. I searched for cousin couples relationship and I found this website . I feel more comfortable now because its not just me whos experiencing this. Reading other peoples story makes me feel that cousin couples can really end up in the end

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