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what to do ?

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Hi.....actually my sory begans when i was 7 years old ...when i played with her :P.... i liked her at first but....but something happened accedentlly...i Don't know how i kissed her 'cheek'....after that day we lost contact....because we do not live in the same country ....she ddid no got angry she laugth i started to cry i felt so embarresd .....then we met again when i was 16 years old.... since that time i couldn't stop thinking of her .... i don't want to make tthe story very long now i'm 17 and sh's 15...yesterday i went to the wedding of her sister i have made terrible mistakes  ...i did not dance and spent the whole time keeping my mouth shut i don't know i felt soo shy .....she told me your futur is gonna be like cousin 'he 35 years old and he did not got marrid yet" ' i think because i'm too shy and she think that i'm boring person" ...' i know she dn't love me because she don't care about love and those things she told me that she hae to care about her studies first"...recently i readed an article said that this lve is due to harmon changes because i'm  a teen"...i don't know why but i don't what to lose this feeling.. .....i don't why but my bothers like her too :P.....when i sow her i spend a 3 weeks at least thinking at her..i talked to her siste r she told me a frunch proverb that said 'loin des yeux loin des ceur' is tat true ?.....i'm scared because she think that i'm a "boring guy "what to do ? .finaaly i want to apologize because my english is very bad

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You're right - the reason you don't want to let go of the feeling is probably because of hormones.  That's not a bad thing.  It's a natural thing and a good sign that you're normal and on the right track for growing into your adult years.  It's very likely that she is experiencing the same thing but I can't tell you whether or not she has those feelings toward you.  It's very likely that she is doing what a lot of ladies do and putting her studies ahead of her feelings.  If I were you, I'd try very hard to harness those feelings and do the same.  Stay in touch with her and see if a friendship develops.  If it does, then you can find out if the feelings you have are just hormones or if she really is someone you want to consider a deeper relationship with. At 17 and 15, you've got nothing but time... lots of time.

Best wishes,


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