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I just want to share my feelings.

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Its hard to pretend in front of everyone in the family that me and my cousin are ok even though were not. Its like everytime I see him talking to anyone and not me it breaks my heart. I feel rejected everytime I talked to him and his mad at me. I want to cry when his happy with other people. I try to act normal in front of them but sometimes I cant. :(

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They're currently on their 3 rd year as husband and wife. He's no longer happy from year one. but he stayed for their son. He often wishes that I am the one he married and not that girl. If he knew that He and I would end up together today, he would've waited. But, that's life regrets are always at the end. He said that he would be having an annulment with his wife for us to be together. He is asking me to wait for him.,, But I know, deep inside this is painful, coz' I don't know what to expect, and up to until when I would be waiting for him. But I promised him That I'd love him as long as I can... I love him, but I'm heartbroken coz' I have to share him with somebody else. What should I do?

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