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This is an abridged version of our story,we only recently decided to share this with the world.

We are travelling,so if you ask a question please feel free but it may take a bit to reply.

The first time I ever laid eyes on her was when I was 9...and it was like almost being hit by lightning. Dizzy,saw black spots,felt hot and all I could think was "Oh my god who is this angel?" She came over to me,we were introduced,and we promptly held hands as I showed her the farm and the animals.

Pulling up in the car,I could see him and my heart started racing,I felt dizzy and couldn't wait to get out of the car. I don't remember any animals :) We spent the day,and all I can remember is him-but when it was time to go I felt crushed and cried to myself the 6 hour drive home.

She left,and my life suddenly felt empty and was never the same for another seven years. I always wondered where she was,and if she still thought of me-almost every day.I often fantasized about trying to find her.A connection had been instantly made,then torn apart.

We found out later her dad was a drunk,drug abusing control abuser,and he kept T and her mom under total terror control-he beat,abused,and threatened then to the point where they were helpless. He broke their limbs, called them things no person should be called.The only good thing is he never sexually abused her. We tried finding them but had no idea of where they were,so total was the control.

Luckily one day he dropped dead,and we heard from them. Unfortunately her mom had cancer and-unable to see a doctor for years- had 2 weeks to live. My parents left to get them,I stayed home on the farm. Her mom died,and T was going to live with us. I only knew they were to arrive on the Sunday after a 1300 mile drive.

I always wondered if he remembered me,I thought of him always on that one magical day we had together.

When they came to get me,I was totally numb,had no idea what was really going on-in shock,grief-everything-hadn't even cried much.

Getting close to my new home it was raining very hard,and going around the corner I could see the farm on the hill. And I could see him standing on the lawn when his mom turned around and told me he'd been waiting for me all day- standing in the rain. And then I knew he had never forgotten and that maybe life would be better.

I felt about to blow up,halfway up the driveway I begged to be let out and all I could see  was him and running to him he was running to me. I leapt into his arms and all I could do was cry. And cry and cry. He told me he'd been looking for me for years,and would always be here for me,no matter what.

I guess he carried me into the house,for after an hour I finally calmed down and was on the couch-and promptly fell asleep. Awoke later for a snack,and fell asleep instantly on the couch. He stayed up all night -as I awoke to see him watching over me.

We were so tight there ever after.

I was 17,she was 16-we got her into school but as she was very beautiful the girls were bullying on her,and she couldn't handle it. I got kicked out of school twice for going after her bullies,so she self studied at home.

I graduated,worked and moved to the city-she followed soon after and over the years she lived with me,then on her own but very close. But then we'd spend so much time together she'd move back with me in my two bedroom condo.

I spent thousands on therapy for her,we were like the closest brother and sister ever.

I just want to say right now that she is the most beautiful woman around- she's been mistaken for a Victoria's Secret model.

I have seen her cause many fender benders,seen many people walk into posts,trip over curbs etc in looking at her. But for all of this,she is 1000 times more beautiful inside-the most fabulous sweetheart around-bar none.

So she got modelling offers like crazy,but turned 99% of them down.Fashion houses,scouts,magazines were/are after her but she didn't want that,but did some so as to make money.

I had girlfriends,but none of them lasted long as none of them were nowhere near as wonderful as she was,and usually got ditched because they tried to force her away.

The years went by-fortunately I was able to be self employed so she worked with me.

She had two episodes concerning attempted rapes-those really set her progress back. Once we spent 6 months no more than 10' apart,and slept in the same bed as she had nightmares every night. Totally platonic. The other time she felt so insecure,so I moved us to another city for 6 months. My parents knew she often stayed with me,but not actually how much.

The years slipped by until she was in an accident-seriously injured with broken arms,ribs,etc.

With a nurse hired, I installed one of fancy Japanese wash/rinse/dry toilets to make things easier for all concerned.

She got home,the nurse got sick,3 failed interviews,and she needed to go...

The idea was for us to keep eye contact at toilet times,and it was very hard for me to make the 10 feet to his master bedroom washroom. The Toto has a remote,so he would run me through the wash/rinse/dry cycle a couple times!!

That worked Ok,but drinking lots of fluids I had to pee lots but I hurt too much to go all the time. Crying,I cried more when he showed me a bucket and said he'd hold me over it,or put in the temporary catheter.

I didn't care anymore,as he'd seen me in a bikini hundreds of times,and I was topless anyways as my bra was annoyingly itchy. So he- with great concern and worry on his face-put in the temporary catheter. It was fine,but then with perfect timing I had him on tampon duty soon after.

I just want to say he's the most wonderful guy around,we've always gently teased each other and just got along so perfectly. In the 13 years together we'd never snapped at each other,nor had any arguments.

He tried to sponge bathe me,and wondered how to wash my long hair and jokingly threatened to shave it off.Next day in the washroom,he showed up with plastic and waterproofed my arm casts. I was ecstatic at getting a shower-he put me in a chair and turned on the water and then OMG he jumped in with me-totally NAKED! I was laughing and asked him what the hell he was doing..he said "equal opportunity nudity,besides why waste all this water,and you can check out my sweet sweet junk" as he wiggled his hips.

It hurt so much to laugh but it was the best thing ever,and even better when he scrubbed every square inch of me,and washed my hair. Then he got the shower head and massaged my back and hip.We had 2-3 showers like this every day,the heat with massage helped so much.

Dried me off,and carried me back to bed where he  proceded to massage me-stark naked- for hours that day-Absolute bliss. And every day thereafter.He learned in an hour physiotherapy and massage therapy online.

You don't realize how much you fiddle with yourself until you can't use your arms.I had to rely on him for everything.

Well,except for clothes as I was naked for the first 12 days,as it was easier for him "fooling around with your girly bits all the dam time". After 12 days I could walk to the washroom,and wanted at least panties on.But he still had to deal with my panties,so I chose to be naked to make it easier on him. Six weeks=naked!

He fed me,picked my nose,cleaned my ears,looked after tampons,and itching in that area,shaved my legs,etc....EVERYTHING.

We shared the bed so I could awake him at night to scratch me or go to the washroom- he only left my side to cook.He got the local small grocery store to deliver.

He continuusly told me how awesome I was,gave me so much confidence and with all the massage I recovered much better than what the doctors thought,100% healed.

He was so awesome with me and though I worried I was a burden, he continually assured me it was the best thing he'd ever done.

The time came for my casts to come off,and it was so wonderful to give him a very weak hug.

We still showered together and massaged me hours a day for another couple weeks until I could do things on my own. We reverted to our old ways,I moved back to the spare bedroom though he continued the daily massage,but I had my clothes on..and I missed how things had been for 2 months.

I'd take her out for drives and walks and it was so nice as we'd been cooped up in the condo for 2 months.We were now even closer than before, and I could feel major changes between us-we were beginning to link up.

As fate would have it,soon after I developed 2 herniated discs in my neck and another in my back. In the space of 2 days I went from normal to barely functioning.Though I could take care of myself,it was a struggle.My left side was useless,and my neck and back felt like hot knives were stuck in them with my arm and chest on fire.

Total hell.

I came home from shopping to find him in pain. The next morning he could hardly get out of bed. So after the doctor, I became his nurse,and it was my chance to repay him.

I offered to shower him but he said he was OK,but could hear him cursing in there,so I stripped down and jumped in with him and told him "equal opportunity nudity" and he laughed as I showered him.

After 3 weeks of taking care of him-though not nearly the extent he did me-he was OK.

Then I saw the change in her,it was like she realized I needed her as much as she needed me and that it was not a one way street like she maybe felt.

Without me,she'd have likely ended up in some lousy life,with an abuser boyfriend,or perhaps a drug addict escort trying to escape her past.

Me,likely dead from fast cars,alcohol,motorcycles.

I wondered if we'd ever get together,but I could never take advantage of her devotion to me,I never wanted her to feel obligated to me for the years I had helped her.

I wondered sometimes if we would get together,I never had a boyfriend (despite him urging me to get out and date, I couldn't) and could not imagine any guy better,more reliable,nor so wonderful nor as good looking as him. Women I knew through jobs always complained about men,how terrible they were but the only one I knew (other than my dad) was an angel. I'd read online all these man hating blogs,and my D was nothing like them.

So after all of this I felt myself falling in love with him.Unsure,I decided to go verrry slowly.

I'd catch her gazing at me,so I'd return it. She'd give me a goodnight hug,so next night I'd give her one and a peck on the cheek. She'd grab my hand in public for a bit..so I'd hug her in the grocery store lineup.

One day after a fit of self doubt I asked him what was happening to us. He told me "something wonderful,and you take it as slow as you like"

So that's what I did.

Things were progressing,and one day I took her out on the boat-we ocean kayaked much of the day,she was suntanning and looking just stunning in her white bikini.

I went down to have an afternoon nap,and only woke up when she woke up....

Had fallen asleep beside him,and woke up laying almost on him-all cuddled up and our hands were in places they probably shouldn't have been. Then he woke up.

He looked at me for a good minute,all I saw was love in his eyes and he leant down and he kissed me so slowly-my first kiss and our first kiss together.

After a minute I almost fainted it was so wonderful,listened to his heart and then we kissed and cuddled for hours. We cooked and kissed and cuddled,we ate and kissed and cuddled,we went on the deck and did the same and things got very hot and heavy.

But I felt we were going too fast,so we cooled things off for a few days.

That next week,all I could think about was how I knew I'd never find anyone like her in a hundred lifetimes and did a lot of thinking. Were at the lake,we kissed and cuddled on the beach all day,and close to sunset I was skipping stones...

Watching him skip stones,when he turned around and looked at me and started walking to me I KNEW he was going to ask me to marry him right then!!

I stood up,but almost fell down,he held me and told me I was the most wonderful woman on earth,we'd been through so much together,and that he wanted to spend all his days with me as his wife,and asked me to marry him. I almost went down,and couldn't stop crying. I never thought I'd ever get married,and it took me a minute to get the "yes" out but I did.

He held me and we kissed and kissed as I cried. He asked me when, I told him I didn't want another day not as his wife. He asked where,and my fantasy was always on a beach at sunset,with palm trees and waves.

Let's just say we got an hour's sleep that night,and typing this my hands are shaking with the memory :):):)

He got us to the airport barely in time to spend a fortune on the first flight out..and thanks to his friends there,in Miami a helicopter was waiting with the engines running to go to the Bahamas,and a taxi was there waiting at the heliport and we made it to the pastor with 10 minutes to spare to be married on the beach at sunset,with waves and palm trees.


We spent a week or two in the area,then went to Germany to see my best friend and his family,who threw a huge party for us. Invited guests came from all over Europe to meet us,and were enchanted with my wonderful T. One made her a standing offer to model the runways in Milan. We spent time in Europe,then back home for a short while,then we stayed in Florida and went on a few cruises.We've honeymooned,spent time travelling or just lazed at home the last 18 months.

I'm fortuneate enough to have made enough money that if I'm careful,never need to work again.

My dad is dead,we haven't told my mom as she is getting old and is old school religious-if she asks us we'll tell her. But why stir things up when she won't be around all that long?

My ass brothers (abusive jerks) don't deserve to know about us,and in fact knew about her accident and only one bothered emailing once and dropped off a small gift for  a couple minutes,so they can get lost.

It has been the best thing ever to be able to support her and give her confidence in ways I never could before.

It has been so incredibly awesome to watch the last remaining pieces of the scared,beaten,and abused girl falling away to reveal a complete woman. To see her confidence just soar,instead of hiding herself away she shows herself to the world-is so awesome.

I just can't believe our life together,we'd been so close for 13 years and we will remain together the rest of our days. I can hardly believe the patience of this man...waiting for me for 13 YEARS and NEVER ONCE taking advantage of my vulnerabilities.

Ladies,how many men will do that?

We've been married 18 months now and we rarely leave each other's side.

We've only been apart once,for 2 hours. Sure,15 minutes here and there,or he'll be working on the computer while I'll be on the deck garden for an hour-but we are never apart. We haven't had a seperate shower or bath for over a year now and only showered apart twice since we were married.

Our heart beats synchronize,we sleep all tangled up in a pile and if we separate we wake up in 2-3 minutes. I tried it on her a few times: awoken and disconnected,she soon stirs.

My sleep was screwed up for years by trading markets and staying up all night,married-I sleep like a log.

When awake we energize each other,asleep we sedate each other.

If I go to the washroom at night,so long as he can hear me he's Ok,but if I stand quietly beside the bed,he stirs and wakes up.

I had nightmares all the time,when he was nursing me it was once a week only and after that once a month.Since we got married I have had only one in 18 months.

We've totally merged,we complete each other's sentences,and in fact flip back and forth and it confuses people. Our bodies are for each other's enjoyment,any time of day or night,no refusals.

We massage each other for an hour and more each day,we spend hours outside of bed cuddling.

Whatever the other is and has,the other needs.Our personality types have been described as the best match ever.

We exist solely to please each other and make our lives wonderful. We wake each other up with kisses,our love life is astounding...

We live every minute for each other,we cannot and will not ever be separated while alive.

So,our message to those who need to read this-we know how very special our bond is but sometimes you need to be patient to get your very special someone.

Trust us,it IS worth it.

If your family doesn't want you to be happy,are they really your family?

If that special one is there,and you have that bond-grab ahold and NEVER let go.


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I just want to say wow. I have read this 3 times now and every time it makes me tear up. An it makes me think about my cousin and all I can do is hope that some day I can have a wonderful story to tell like this one. But for now all I can do is wait till the right time to tell her and pray that she feels the same way.

I wish you two the best of wishes and hope that you get to spend a long and happy life together y'all deserve it.

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I could barely read through that, because after the first part i was already crying like a waterfall!  Through my tear filled eyes i read onwards and i started sobbing uncontrollably.

When i reached the end of your story, i was filled with hope and a most beautifull sadness.  Thank you for sharing your story, and may you live in peace and happiness for a very long time.


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T here:

Thank you both for your posts,they really do mean a lot to us.Honestly.

Witcher-maybe she already knows and is too shy or afraid? Or maybe she doesn't know or feel it yet but you can't rush things-please be patient. If you rush her she may be alienated and then you lose  her as a friend.

With things like this,I'm not sure it's wise to play "all or nothing"

It took us 14 years,as you read above. Are you two able to spend more time together?

And thank you,we will spend the rest of lives inseperable.


I second all what T says... and just hold on man, it may be hard but IT IS WORTH the wait.



Thank you for your sweet and kind words and wishes.

And please never let go of that hope-it is all that kept me going for all those years. That, and the unconditional platonic love and support from a true prince.

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Ebbe I read your first post....

"We locked eyes and would stare into each others soul, it felt like we just sat there melting our souls together for what felt like hours. I felt higher than i ever have and it felt like my blood was on fire (in a good way) like a blood rush in the brain.

Just typing this now and i almost feel like that again :).... felt so high, but also completely flabbergasted for weeks after. I couldnt think straight and walked around like a zombie just trying to process what had happened...... I can feel her complete adoration for me and its almost like a telepathic bond, an electric energi that makes my heart go crazy..... I have never felt this way for anyone else and doubt i ever will, in a way she has allways had my heart and will have it forever.....I have all my life had an empty feeling inside of me, like a piece of me is missing.... When i am with her i feel no hunger, no thirst, sadness, anger, frustration. I feel tranquility and bliss, i am complete."

And we understand each other. It's the same for us.

She is 18,you are 10 years older....she knows and it may take a bit of time...or not.

when you see her soon,don't be too worried about what you'll say and do because when you see her it will start all over again.

Tell her you've missed her,TALK to her- she knows and feels it but she needs to hear it as well. And maybe let her know you are there for her...waiting.

Can you meet more often?

I don't know the exact situation,but please be patient.

I had to wait 14 years for my lady to overcome her past,and it was worth every minute.

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Wow, thanks for the replies. D: Im glad you liked my previous post.

I know that it cant be easy for her, she must have many conflicting emotions as a girl of her age must have. I try not to be pushy and try to talk to her casually and such. Once in a while i try and text her, but she takes hours or even days to write back, and then it is short and neutral answers.

I wrote her a handwritten letter for her 18th birthday last summer, it went something like; "You are a sweet and wonderfull girl, i allways appreciated our time together" and so on, very platonic. And then i mentioned this tension between us and rounded of with that i loved her, but not exactly in what way.  The idea was to not scare her away and see how she would react.

I only saw her twice since then and both times she was more chatty than usual, but abit more distant.

One thing i have noticed is that after people start moving around at gettogethers, she allways finds her way to sit next to me.  Also when im conversating with someone, i can see her staring at me intensely.

For now it feels like we are stuck and that it will take time. Even though every second feels like a year, i will wait a thousand lifetimes if i have to.

I am just afraid she might settle with someone else, and i would be crushed if she ever brought a boyfriend around even though i realize it might be good if she tried dating other guys so she might realize im the one for her.

Oh man when i start writing i just keep going, sorry for the long post :)

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The first time I read this story I missed half of it because I was crying too much.

The second time around I got more out of it,and all the stuff you two went through and also it parallels our story. Then I read it again

Plus laughing at the crazy D .

We had the same thing-we met at at age seven and it was pure electrical magic for that day.

My dad wasn't nearly as bad as yours,T, but he was bad and very domineering. His lifestyle and particularly the company he kept was his downfall.

And we moved back to their area,and at 16 I wondered if he still remembered me,and it was the same as you two-we ran into each other's arms and we were instantly best friends and so very close,we were inseparable.We made out fairly often,but we knew we had to play it cool and wait.

When we were 19,he could only start his business in the city a few hours away and the 2 weeks we were apart was unbearable so I went to "look for work".

The first night I was on the couch-for about 20 minutes and we slept together but all we did was cuddle and make out much of the night. The next day,we talked and decided to wait it out a week-and that week was almost hell for us. So close yet so far.

We went to the beach and the same thing happened as you two- just started looking at me and I knew he was going to ask me to marry him...he did,and of course I said yes.

And we were married the next day-my mom was so happy for us,she knew we were born to be together. His parents-not so much.

So now,our beautiful teenaged daughters think we're crazy as we still can't keep our hands off each other after 23 years of being married.

We've never had a fight,it's just a perfect match for us two and we're fortunate to have a small home business which hasn't made us rich but has kept us together.

We spend all of the day quite nearby,see each other all the time, very rarely spend more than a couple hours apart,and we've only ever spent 1 night apart.

So D, a prince among princes: the patience and love you gave T for all those years,unbelievable. If our daughters  find a guy a fraction of you we will be happy. Your efforts and time has been rewarded with your lovely T.

And T,bless you for holding on through all those years of hell and for putting your life and trust in his hands.

You two will spend the rest of your days together,of that I have zero doubt.

Best wishes from R and S and T and K

Was 6 weeks of a nude T really necessary? I bet D liked it and hope you kept your curtains closed :P

You talk about the ultimate match,personality wise.... ENTP/INFJ?

Do you think it may have been better to get married earlier in your life?

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T here:

Ebbe and witcher,you two sound like great guys.

Also keep in mind it'll be easier for the guys,they don't care all that much about what others think.

I'm sure women have it harder though,they may be worried about what mom and dad and family think,what our friends think.

They just need time to figure out what is most important.


Hi you guys,thanks very much for your compliments and for taking the time to share your story with us. It IS amazing how our early lives were so similar,and sorry to hear that someone else had a bad father.

Twenty three years? OMG we have a ways to go to catch up!

I'll answer your questions.

"Was 6 weeks of a nude T really necessary? I bet D liked it and hope you kept your curtains closed :P"

Over the years he'd seen me in bikinis hundreds of time,and in my underwear even more.We shared a bed for a lot of time-as above- when I needed someone close. So we were very used to seeing each other with little on.Walking around nude was nothing after how he'd been nursing me.

I'd awaken at midnight ( washroom,hurting and needing adjustment,itching,sadness,etc) and several times in the night. And the poor guy could never get back to sleep.

Then in the morning he'd feed me breakfast,shower and massage me,and then he could nap.

The first couple weeks I could not get out of any chair,and never could make it in or out of bed and the couch without help. He rarely slept.:(

But then I became mobile,and could get off the computer,dining,and one livingroom chair on my own. With me mobile I could watch a movie,go on the internet,etc and the toilet is a washer/dryer unit so I didn't need to wake him to go,until lunch.

And he could nap in the afternoon.

How he never once got cranky with me is amazing.

We could have hired a nurse's assistant (a stranger) for $10,000 for 7 weeks just to pull my underwear up and down a few times a day while he slept...or I could walk around naked.

Curtains-yes and D enjoying it...I guess but what he enjoyed was keeping my spirits up and my mind off things in any way possible...and taking care of me.

"You talk about the ultimate match,personality wise"

Yes,and yes. Seems you know.

"Do you think it may have been better to get married earlier in your life?"

When I showed up I was broken into a million pieces,and it took him all this time to put me back together.

It probably would have in ordinary circumstances been better,but in reality I'm not sure I could have handled it. Suppose we hadn't totally clicked-it would have destroyed me and he knew it all along.

He knew I had to overcome my obstacles,and though he always knew we were meant to be together, I sort of knew but never thought I deserved anyone as good as him.

He pushed,and pulled,and lifted me along,and let me be ( when needed) for all those years trying to build me up and to convince me I was worth something.

And when I had my accident I was sure no man would ever want me now, with all those scars on my arms. He thinks they're sexy,and I've come to embrace them.

Despite him telling me 10,000 times that I was his first concern,I always assumed he'd some day marry and I'd be living in the basement alone or end up with some abusive jerk :( :(

He told me thousands of times-when something bad happens almost always something good happens out of it,just that sometimes you have to wait years or a lifetime to find out what it is.


-my dad and my horrible childhood ended up with us two saving each other.

-my accident threw us even closer together and the fog that had been on my mind for all those years finally lifted.

I realized that I was worth something. And that the man that every woman dreams about was right there  all the time-waiting for me...

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  • 2 months later...

Congrats! Thanks Tee and Dee for sharing. I missed my cousin while reading your story.  Specially while you were taking care of her when she had an accident. I did the same for my cuz when she had a surgery. Keep us posted.

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