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Please help me iam confused....

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The girl(she is my first cousin my mother's brother's daughter) i really like asked me for time around 5 months back, and respecting her i gave it to her all as much time as she needs.

Up till now i was thinking she have no feelings for me or i am still confused.

Ok till yesterday i was just leave her alone i really don?t want to bother her, but yesterday situation was something pretty serious i had to bother her while talking about that serious thing i never asked her how much time she still needs but she herself said ?you know my time is still not over, i need more, i don?t know you even 1% but we will first know each other then we will decide of future ?(in polite tone), i hesitatingly asked her how much time she needs she said ?a lot?, so leaving all this i just switched the conversation and talked about her studies , about how was her life going and blah blah..

Iam still confused, what can you make out of this conversation?

What i have figured out is:

She have family issues i.e overprotective brother?s and father, i don?t have problem with this they all know me well her all brother?s are very good friend of mine.

She liked a guy from 2 years but now he knows what kind of guy he is.

She is in senior secondary school and finals are just on her head.

What i haven?t figured out is do she really want to give me a SECOND CHANCE?

Second chance because when i 5 months back expressed my feelings to her, her eldest brother read that message at that time she didn?t wanted her brother?s to know anything about this thing(she likes me and i likes her). And she was very angry at me because of this, but after having conversation with her she was all fine with me and just asked for time.

Her eldest brother just said to her ?right now you two should not have anything in between i know he is a good guy but we will see all this in future?.

I know she is bounded by her brother?s word?s and i don?t want to keep anything with her under her brother?s nose.

She is a girl worth waiting for even i need time till i could have a mature conversation with her eldest brother.

But do she really want to give me a SECOND CHANCE? Iam just confused about this.

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Bro, for now I would say don't mention her your feelings. U said she has finals coming up so dont bother her too much yet be supportive and encouraging. Let things calm down a little bit, try getting to know her as a friend and let her do the same. I do believe if u just continue being her friend, she will give u a 'second chance'. One day, when u guys hav bonded as really close friends, u can approach her about the topic again in a subtle manner. For now, u just gotta be patient :)

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