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The Wolf of Wall Street (Cousins)

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Seems that since I married my cousin, the subject frequency of cousin marriage\sex taboo  is either more noticeable by me or is being used more frequently to add shock value (sensationalize) for the media.

Two (2) latest movies (big movies) mention cousin relationships.

We watched the wolf of Wall Street last night.

Early in the 3 hour movie the Wolf and his soon to be partner in crime VP talk about his cousin relationship - Noted here in this recent TIME article that pissed me off.

Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jordan (the Wolf) makes fun of cousin marriages and the resultant babies from these relationships.

"Unlike Jordan, Donnie arrives with a highly informative backstory: He tells Jordan the rumor he married his first cousin is true. Donnie saw other men interested in the cousin and decided that as a family member he should have first dibs.

When you start there, crooked business deals are nothing."

Time article excerpt:

Now for the really ridiculous stuff?

Danny Porush (Donnie Azoff) was married to his cousin.

Ruling: Fact

Another googled article:

"Anyone who's seen Requiem for a Dream, Jacob's Ladder, or Dead Ringers can attest to how frightening movie depictions of being under chemical influence can be. Later, when Belfort asks Azoff if the rumor that he married his first cousin are true -- it recalls inbred horrors like The X-Files "Home" episode and films like The Hills Have Eyes -- he admits that he couldn't let anyone else sleep with her AND that if they were to have a retarded child, he would "drive north and let it loose in the woods."

Just let that sink in a little."

"Later on, there's a Perfect Storm-like sequence in which an avaricious Belfort forces his yacht's captain to sail to Monaco (in order to reclaim hidden, illegal tax haven funds) in what turns out to be a terrifying storm that sinks his the boat and nearly kills him, his second wife, and Azoff and his wife-cousin."

Although it is an example of ignorance that even I had, it perpetuates the taboo.

This Esquire article glosses over the cousin marriage.

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well i don't waste much time watching anything with dicapprio in it anyway. he's such a weasel. so i won't have to get my ire up ;)

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