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Childhood Glance (2nd cousins)

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JUst call me Taimis, this is my first post here in cc and I just wanted to share my story with my second cousin.. let's call him Prince and let's start the story with our families. My dad and his father are 1st cousins and they have this close bond between them that's why it is hard for Prince and I to reveal our relationship to our families.

My mom was 20 yrs old when she got pregnant with me, the same as my dad's age. As for here in the Philippines, that age is quite too young because of our conservative culture (though there are some changes now) and maybe my add realized that he was too young to take responsibility so he left mom and I in despair and he went to my uncle's (Prince's dad) home in Alabang (it was their old residence but now they are living in the neighboring province) and as a payment for his stay, he decided to take care of Prince during his first months. But after a few months ny dad came back, realizing that I'm way too important than his fears of responsibilities. I have learned this from my mother's stories.

After several years, I met this young kid who was kicking a ball, he was having a vacation at the place where I was also spending my summer. I was caught by his myterious aura, he seems to be very quiet and snob but I still wanted to know him back them. So I ask my cousin if who was guy that was staying at our Tita's (my dad's first cousin, Prince's dad's younger sister) house, their house was located just beside the house where I stay that's why I can get a glimpse of him whenever I peek at the small hole at the window,( it actually became a habit the whole summer) but unfortunately, my cousin told me that the guy that I saw was Prince and that he was our second cousin. That time, I was not actually bothered because I was thinking that my feelings for him was just a mere crush and that I dont have any plans of breaking forbidden boundaries. But as we met every summer.. I knew back then that my feelings for him grew stronger and stronger.

I was on 2nd year high school when we met again on that particular place where we spend our vacation every summer, I did not expect that my other cousins will set us up to talk and that is how I learned that he was also keeping his feelings for me. We both go home to our respective provinces knowing that we are now committed to each other.

Unfortunately, my dad caught me texting him and forbid me to have a relationship with him, to cut the long story short.. we decided to have separate ways. We still see each other during family occassions but we did'nt often talk with each other. He was also avoiding me because her aunt also discovered our exchanges of message.

We lost communication during college.

One night, her younger sister, who was very close to me, send me a message saying that her Kuya (older brother) was getting married. I was surprised and a sudden pain literally struck me. I immediately ask her for his brothers phone number and then I texted him, he did'nt replied to my messages but instead he called me, his voice sounded surprise and I know that he was happy that I was the first to reached out. I ask him about the marrying thing and he cleared to me that it was not true and that he was just joking around his mom and his sister happened to hear their conversation and took it seriously, I was relieved when I heard what he said and I know that he sensed the fear in me when I learned that he was getting married, that day we realized that we still have feelings for one another. The next day, we meet again after a couple of years and it was a tremendous feeling. Its as if we never parted, we talked and share stories that we missed from each other.

Since then, we always make a way to see each other. We are now planning to work together someplace far from our home and we will live together until we both have the courage to tell our families about our relationship. By the way, his mom, sister and younger brother already knows about us, we think his dad knew something but he was not confirming it. On my side, my younger sister knows about it but my parents are clueless. Some of our cousins who pushed us before knew our little secret and also some of our aunts that was threatening us that they will tell the whole family about us if we did'nt stop seeing each other, but I know that we love each other and we will hold on no matter what other people talk about us.

I hope this story inspires other who have a common situation.


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