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His sister found out about us

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My cousins sister found out that we are in a relationship. She told me to stay away from him and that I needed to find someone else because it was disgusting to like my own cousin. She kind of made me feel bad about it she won't talk to me anymore and I'm afraid she's just going to go and tell someone.

I'm sorry to hear this. :(

In this case, the only chance you have is to talk to your cousin... Tell him to talk to his sister and that although she may disapprove of your relationship, at least be in good terms with each other. If she knows your relationship then it's almost bound that the news will break out. Trust your cousin during this time and treat this as a test of his manliness and how he might handle the situation. :)


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Your situation sounds a lot like mine :) bt in this case it was my sister. She had suspected that we had something untild she found out abt out relationship:'( I felt she was going to tell my parents bt my cousin talked to her first and in this case he told her everything about us then I went to talk to her.  She told us both that it was out lives and that her decision didn't count and that she was there for us bt now once in a while I feel she wouldn't want us to be together but that doesn't really matter to me. You should have your cousin talk to her then you should talk to her as well :) good luck and don't let others pull you apart:)!!

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