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How to tell my parents :(

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My story: I am 17 and I will be turning 18 in 5 days my cousin is 27 years old he's family supports us. My family doesn't a quite know it yet but my father has a very strong feeling or maybe even knows we have been having something and he completely disapproves it he has even stated that he could go to jail for killing him because he wouldn't want us together.(My father and my cousins mother and brother and sister but only from their mother because my father and aunt have a different father). I haven't said anything because I'm afraid my parents might want to try to send my cousin to jail for being with a minor but after 18 he wants everything to change and doesn't want us to be hiding from anyone and live our love freely. I agree with him, I would want that more than anything but i an a very shy person or doesn't bring up a good conversation and in addition i don't really have a good communication relationship with my parents because they have always been so distant or too strict and my fear now is that they will think my cousin took advantage of me or that I don't know what in doing or that he's too old for me. So my fear is that I won't be able to express my feelings or what I think in a way they will at least understand me because accepting my decisions is probably too far of a dream. Please help me :)!!

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