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I just watched Stuck in Love and really liked it. Check it out.

I also loved An Idiot Abroad and loved loved Lilyhammer -- both series.

If  you like British comedy (!some sketches are offensive!) , they have the Catherine Take Show and Little Britain. I wish they had more. Hulu.com has that Mitchel & Webb look, and Trigger Happy TV [my fav!] (Hulu Plus only) I think I have all of those on DVD). Also Comedy Inc., but not sure it is British.

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I was really just wanting some suggestions. I generally don't do romantic comedies.

OMGoodness, I just realized Harold & Maud is on Netflix! You must see that one! Classic and classy and funny, and involves an unlikely romance. I loved every minute of it.

Here are some of my 5 star rated movies on Netflix:

Fargo, Which way home, Bull Durham, Raging Bull, Basquiat, Mash, Bonnie & Clyde.... I like killing flies (doc), God Grew Tired of us (doc), Private Parts (much better than you might think).

These are from my 5 start list. It should keep you busy for awhile. Now, give me some suggestions from your 5 star list. And no chick flicks lol.

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