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need help

Guest zzes1234

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Guest zzes1234

I have been in a relationship with my 1st cousin for over 8 years. We have the same grandmother, but not the same grandfather.  We have 2 children together and I have a child from a old relationship that was physically abusive not only to me but my family causing me to flee the state I am from. This ex is threading me still physically and to take my kids, he is also on drugs and is now married with his own family. He has never taken care of the children and has not seen them in over 10 years. The cousin and I that have been together and has been taking care of the kids had to move to Texas 8 years ago to get away from this guy and he could only transfer to Texas did not know we could not get married here and now after all this time the ex says that he has a lawyer and I have a deadline for him to see the children or he is going to send me to jail for my relationship and he the ex sent this message via text message to my father what advice can you give us to protect ourselves because this ex also called my father and threatened to blow my brains out and stated that he knows where I live.  He also stated this to me two years ago when he got my phone number from someone.

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Sounds like you need to keep documentation of the threats. date time etc.

Call his bluff if needed. Don't tell him so but report him to the authorities where

he lives. He is stalking you and threatening you.

You have done your homework and know the laws of Texas. So tread lightly there.

My question is how does your family members feel about your relationship and children with your cousin?

If they approve, then I would think his threats are falling on deaf ears of the family and they may well be

on your side in helping stop his threatening behavior.

Just a couple of quick thoughts that came to mind.

Best wishes on your journey to peace for your family.

I am also in Texas. You can PM me your location if you want.

Just don't post it on here.

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