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He Already Give Up (Philippines)

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Hi. Im from the philippines too. Im 17 year old, Sta Mesa Manila. Studying in a 2nd degree. And also inlove with my 1st cousin. Just want to share my story. Were both in love with each other deeply inlove! Its start when we get talk/chat because of we've both broken hearted that time. So it turns up were both lean to each other. We chat every night. Talk everything, enjoys both company. I remembered what he told me that "Madali ka talagang maiinlove sa taong lagi mong nakakausaap, nakakasama. HUMAN NATURE kumbaga." Then it turns out we already chat everyday. Then exchange numbers. Then make it to the point that we go places together. At first, I always tell my mom that Im with him pero nung napadalas na tinatago ko na. So to make the story short we end up loving each other. Almost everyday we do chat/texx and we see each other almost everyday! Nagpabaya kame. So now, our family knows whats between us. And obviously, they are against us. They make us stop this relationship because its bad, not right, were family we suppose not to do this. It make it to the point na. Tinatakwil na kame sinusumpa! lahat galit samen. So this cause him to be weak, and give up on me. For the sake of everyone, for the sake of us. It really HURTS SO MUCH! Because after all those happy moments, those memories, promises, wishes, dreams and love. It all turn out :'( It feels like hell! I really love him so much! I want him to be my forever! But he choose to let go of me. :'( I understand that he have to make a decision to make things right :'( I really do understand. I just want you to know that I will still love you even you already let go of my hand. Just what I told you. The only reason that I will stop loving you is when you stop loving me, and when you already find someone else. It really hurts so much but I will still loved you though :'( Just do what you have to  do. Iloveyousomuchbabe.Thankyou for everything.

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