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Anyone else experiencing/has experienced the same thing ?

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In August of 2012, my cousin unexpectedly moved next door to me. Never would I have imagined falling in love with him. One, he is four years younger than me.  Two, well he is my cousin... Nevertheless the attraction was strong, our feelings grew and we fell in love. I couldn't have been happier. Well, minus my overbearing, suspicious mother and sister who watched me like a hawk. After initially trying to deny my feelings to myself and putting him and myself through some heart aching moments, we finally became a couple nearly a year after him moving next door. It all happened so quick. And well I guess that's how love is usually. It is unexpected, crazy, and fast. However, our time together as an actual couple was short lived. He is now in another states, about 3-4 hours away. Sadly, family reunions seem unlikely at this moment and his parents don't want anything to do with us really... None of this due to my relationship with my cousin. Just some family issues, or crap.

Anyway, I think that's enough rambling. So now, he and I are in this long distance relationship. As if having an ldr isn't hard enough, we must keep it hidden from our family for now.

Which is hard. Very hard.

He lives with his 3 siblings and shares a room. There goes Facetime...

Even so, I don't want anyone else in the world. I am crazy in love with this man. (My very young and handsome man)

So just wondering if there's anyone else who's going through something similar, or has? Because honestly there are times that I feel myself going crazy. Would love to hear about other's experiences and talk about your stories :)

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Well, I actually experienced something like this before. My cousin (second degree) and I always take our off-school vacation every summer at a village where the two houses which we separately stayed in are just almost 4 steps apart. During our stay, we did'nt actually talk to each other but we both know the attraction that are growing between us, also some of our other cousins learned about our feelings and quite tease us. When we are in high school that is actually the time when we become boyfriend/girlfriend. But my family learned about our little secret and forced us to separate (we live in different provinces, 2 hours away). But after 7 years we got together again (still secretly) but we are planning to live and work together.

I hope it will turn out okay between you and your cuz-luv.  :azn:

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I don't want to be a bubble buster, but long distance relationships - with cousin or not - can be a challenge.  I was I guess "dating" my cousin (she is 4 years older than me) and back in our early 20's she took a job out of state.  That pretty much put an end to the relationship as a couple.  Since that time we have stayed connected on a different level.  We still care for one another and have feeling for each other, that has never changed, but we have moved on with our lives, and actually married others.  We still connect with one another when we can and it just evolved into what it is.  If anything find a way to be happy with he is part of your life.  Good luck.

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Long distance relationships are hard work, especially when you don't know when you'll see each other again. It works for some, but not for others. Keep in touch on a daily level - emails, text messages but only 1 or 2 a day, not incessantly. On a weekly basis, call each other and talk at length, and think about writing old fashioned letters (so much more personal than an email). If you are both committed to your relationship, you'll be fine.

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Taimis- You give me hope! Thank you for sharing  :smiley:

Pooch- Yes he is my first love.  :cheesy:

I see. I knew it. hehe. :P

Anyhow, how long was it from the time that you two were a couple until the time he moved away 3-4 hours on a different State? If he moved August 2012 and less than a year you guys became a couple (say August 2013), your relationship really is very short-lived. Isn't it?

At this point, there's really no substance yet.. No foundation whatsoever and it may be the case that things will die out pretty soon.

Here's my suggestion:

Don't do too much because you do not want to expect too much as well... You may be setting up yourself for disappointment. I have been there: I am in LDR and there are a lot of restrictions. But what happened in my case was that we were together (weekly) for a little over a year before we go separate ways in LDR. This one year is a foundational experience because relationships are meant to be together and not be at a distance. Having said that though, check his feelings as well and see what his plans are. Although he is the man and should be the one who will lead the relationship, you are older than him and so you have to check on him as well...and support..

But at the same time, again, do not expect too much -- because what you guys have are very very young.. pretty much a draft.

So don't too too much. You know what I mean? Focus on your family first and better have a good relationship with them so that if ever time comes and what you and your cousin have goes to fruition, both of your families will be at least prepared. ;)


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