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Tips For Getting Responses To Your Questions

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1. PUNCTUATION: use commas and periods between your sentences.

2. LINE BREAKS: don't go writing out a three page novella without some paragraph spacing in there.

3. SHOUTING:  all lower case is fine. ALL UPPER CASE IS RUDE.

4. CUSSING: don't. just. don't.

5. TXT LINGO: another don't. write like you have a modicum of intelligence, and we will respond like you're not a moron.

6. DETAILS: to better advise you, we need certain details... like your ages... whether one or both of you are financially dependent upon your parents... if you live in a state (or country) where cousin marriage is legal...

6-a. TMI: there are some details we don't need. this isn't a pornographic fantasy site. we're a family friendly site and you need to keep your posts to a PG rating. note, that's PG, not PG-13. we adults are smart enough to read between the lines if you just allude to whether or not things became physical. if you get too graphic with your details, we'll edit or remove your post.

7. PRIVATE MESSAGES: please restrict your pm's to the staff for things that are just too sensitive to deal with publically, OR to requests such as asking for a post to be removed or whatever. it's not that we're disinterested, it's just that we're very busy, and sometimes we just don't have the time to read and respond in a timely manner. and it gets particularly frustrating when we get a pm, take the time to read and respond, and then discover that you've copied and posted the exact same thing, verbatim, in the public forum.

8: EXPECTATIONS: please also realize that sometimes the forum may be a little slow for a day or two. don't panic if you don't get a response in an hour, and don't freak out if your thread has 20 views and zero responses. remember that search engine bots crawl the forums, and sometimes those views aren't human.

9: MORE EXPECTATIONS: the admins here are christians. the staff here is pretty conservative. the members tend to be more conservative than not, but that varies from one week to the next sometimes. so don't expect a whole lot of support for things like adultery, or relationships between adults and minors. it's just the way it is.

10: EXPLORE! if you have questions about genetics, state or country laws, or religious views, please use the "exit forum" link and explore the rest of our site. we have tons of useful and well researched information that is not on our message board. we're much happier to help you understand what we've already explained if you have questions, than to start from scratch.

11: CHATROOM VS. SHOUTBOX: the shoutbox is only on the main page of the forum. it's very rare that you'll find anyone else using it at the same time, so live chatting is nearly impossible there. if you want to use the chatroom, there is a link on the menu. it is a totally different page, and uses live chat. i rarely go in there, so i can't speak to how busy it is in there.

12: WHERE TO POST: if you have a question, post it on the forum. there are several categories. but posting your whole story in the shoutbox won't result in many responses, because it only keeps a certain number of posts before they are deleted automatically by the system.


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Guest CompletelyAnonymous

Thanks for this post, I think I actually did follow these points but still no one responded to my thread for some reason.

Do you know what I should change in order to make it more likely to get a response?

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  • Administrator

sorry anonymous! i'd seen your post before, and you did a great job following all my tips!! i just have been really busy and didn't have time to respond. but i have now!

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right, cousin marriage is not incest. and your grandmother being cousins of your boyfriend's grandmother makes you two not really even related.

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