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i am losing myself. please need serious help!!

Guest Rahul Poonia

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Guest Rahul Poonia

I am madly in love with my cousin for the past 7 years. We live in the same house for the past 4 years. I have felt that she has feelings for me a few times but since she is my cousin I think I might completely wrong.

But the thing is that i will be moving out of the country in a few months and I don't want to lose her and so my mind is playing up on me and has ruined days and nights for me.

The other issue is that I am an Indian living in Australia, so also think that she might not be into all this.

I am not sure what to do what signs to look for and what not to, I am in a really bad state of mind and heart and am really confused.

Therefore I am here looking for some great advises from experienced people that have contributed to this forum.

Thanks in advance..

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How long will you be out of the country?  I think you should talk to her about it whether you just let her know of your feelings or if you ask her if she has feelings for you?  And if you do let her know how you feel about her, let her also know if you are at ease about it and why or why not.  She may be dealing with the same struggle and is waiting to talk about it. 

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I am in the same situation.  I am in love with my first cousin (daughter of my father's sister).  And she also love me a lot. When we get in this situation, we find that we are alone in this world, and can't do anything.  But it may possible, if we unionize. We can placate our parents if we give some live examples before them.  So please give your contact links (it may be facebook, email id or contact no.).  I belong to India (Delhi) , but it doesn't matter.

(FB profile redacted....Hawk)

This is my facebook link.  If anyone interested, please send me friend request with a message.

Please please contact me. We can help together

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Ek Jigyasu,


I've removed your FB profile just as I would have if you had posted your e-mail. Whether you realize it or not, you are asking for trouble, such as blackmail and spam. We don't allow open posting of e-mail addresses, and, as a Mod, I'm going to take it upon myself to now add FB profiles to that. I have no doubt the other Mods and Admins will concur.

I'm going to link you to another thread I locked. When I do, you'll see why I locked it, and why I'm linking this thread to it. Please follow my advice as spelled out in that thread.


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