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Fell in Love with cousion since i was like 8!!

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So I have known my cousion all my life and i used to regularly meet her when i was kid/early teens (8-14). After that i moved to some other country and we weren't in contact what so ever. Now she has permenantly moved to the country where I am living! We talk to each, have a laugh and even agree with each other's opinons. Twice in a hide and seek game she found me first and touched my face, but i didn't do anything. Also I found her back first in a hide and seek game. Also when we talk, she makes a strong eye contact and smiles at me. Now the problem is I like her, but i am not sure if she likes me. Also she is forcely getting married and she doesn't like the guy. She is my first cousion so i am really scared to express my feelings. She does believe in cousion marraiges . She doesn't have a phone or a laptop so that i can text or contact her. I only see her on weekends when she come to my house. I am 18 and she is 8 months older than me. Can someone please give me some adivce on how i should aprroach her and whether she likes me or not. Thank you

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