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Expressing my feelings to my first cousin..

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So I am 22 and my cousin is 20.We had not seen each other for the past 10 years despite living just a few hours apart.(Due to some friction in our families)So I decided to contact her and wish her on her birthday.She was very excited and happy and we spoke for almost 3 hours.We finally decided to meet after a few days and when we did I was stunned to see how beautiful she was.At that time I had no feelings for her whatsoever.we kept in touch speaking for almost an hour everyday.I would just wait to hear her voice.Before I even knew it I became used to talking to her so much so that it became sort of natural thing to do.Over the months my feelings for her have grown a lot and when I am with her I forget everything else,all the problems and worries just disappear.Now I know I am in love with her.I usually don't care what people think about me but when it comes to her I do care what she thinks about me.I want to let her know how I feel but I don't want to lose the bond that I have with her.Is it wrong that I feel this way.Please suggest a way I can let her know how I feel in a subtle way but at the same time retain the bond that I have.Thanks in advance.

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