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How does your cousin make you feel?

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My cousin is kind, sensitive - a lover, not a fighter and an all round calming influence.

He lights up my life - I long to see him each day (which isn't always possible :-() but when we are together electricity flows between us - we are soulmates and kindred spirits and I can't imagine my life without him.

who would have thought that just a short month ago all of this would be rekindled from 29 years ago.

I'm in heaven with my soulmate and I love him so much xx

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for years my first cousin and I have been into eachother. Bad timing and difficulty with any spare time made it impossible for us to more than let eachother know that we were attracted.  Now,  both divorced with kids we talk and are starting what we always wanted to. For the first time we are both single at the same time and I'm realizing that we were not discreetly flirting when we were younger like now but im more into her tHan ever Before and had she the chance to finish our talk as I introduced her family to my fu ture ex wife she would have easily taken me away from her but fortunes dictated I wouldn't see her again until the wedding. the day she met my then fiance she made her flirting very obvious, sitting on my lap and hanging on me wearing a crop tee and tights. I was aroused instantly but only her and I knew it. My ex was disgusted but I knew I would have run off with  my cousin  then and there no questions and until the wedding day I tried to find a way to see her but failed. She acted like a "cousin" at the wedding but secretly that night with my new wife I imagined I was having sex with my cousin Instead. Now, we are staring to date and I'm so excited about her that i've been stuck on stupid daydreaming about her. People will judge but I don't care because I know we must try after having our chances denied for our entire previous lives. We click, we think a lot like eachother even though we didn't grow up close only holidays and such but a connection plus the strongest sexual attraction I've ever felt all falling into place with eachothers availability is the chance of a lifetime.  If you feel for your cousin and they feel for you go for it because if it's right for you that's all that matters and take a chance. I know that with a relationship on the table I'm going for it And will take it wherever it goes because I want to explore what we ha've always wante too since she was 11 or so (now 27) and I was 15. It could grow and grow but even if it doesn't go far it's not worth the risk of wondering.  I am totally ecstatic about our date Hoping for the long term but wanting to give in to the stongset attraction and having passionate sex. I pray both and that they last and last. Don't fight it, I know she's worth the years waiting and i did because I never quit desiring her.

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I'm in a relationship with my cousin and we're young and haven't been together long, but he makes me feel like I'm in love for the very first time. I feel a real connection with him and I can tell the connection is mutual, I know our relationship is only just beginning and the first step to a beautiful future with him. I sometimes feel unusual because we are an African American couple and its not very common for people like us yo fall in love with their cousin but that feeling fades away when I get near or him or even think about him. I've never felt this way about ANYONE and I never would have guessed that I would find the true love I've always wanted,needed, and dreamed of in my cousin.

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