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My cousin and I are both sixteen and quite close. I'm madly in love with her, but I don't know if she loves me back. We were texting just now and started talking about our romantic lives. I asked her, flirtatiously, whether she liked anyone at the moment, and she said she used to like this guy, but doesn't anymore. Then she said "what about u?" and I said "yeah I do, but it's complicated. ttyl* about it, 'kay?" and she was like "alright". I asked a friend about it and apparently she was just saying she didn't like anyone so I'd know she was available and ask her out, but I'm not entirely convinced. Any suggestions? *(ttyl=talk to you later)

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I'm new here myself, and a sight older. Right now all I can think of is what it must be like to be 16. My advice as an older guy and parent, take things slow. Getting too serious at 16 is far easier than the cleanup after.

Many women have left little doubt in my life as to if they were interested or not! One thing I have learned, embarrassment has yet to kill me. You may never know if YOU don't take the chance! 

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