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falling hard for my first cousin after being warned

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Hi, I'm not sure what the hell I'm doing and how I ended up here, but here's the thing, I suppose many of you have heard this before.

Now look, I've kind of made fun if the whole idea of falling in love or having sexual thoughts on being with your cousin since I was in school way back, but now I'm 23 and to get away from the city I visit my family on the farm, and my dear mother always warns me not to hit on my cousins, some of bs story of her cousins doing the same to her when she was my age, and I would just laugh it off..

Ok, so now my one cousin, whose just started going to college is fair on the eyes and last I saw her was a couple of years ago when I just started college, there's always been a bit of tension between us but last weekend I started having vivid dreams, and her mother won't leave us by ourselves to talk out by the camp fire alone or watch TV alone in the farm house, it's as if they fucking know there's something that both my cousin and I are too afraid to act upon due to the scorn we'll face when having to be caught in any manner of being in love with another... The more time we do spend together the more we get along, same tastes and vision for life... But I know it may just be coincidence but tonight my cousin made a proposal to take her to the coast for the weekend and I immediately felt the pressure coming from that shitty look her mom gave me as to say no and stop her daughter's idea of going on a road trip and I handled it by diverting the conversation away, however I do think that was the sign... That hey bud she may be feeling the same way...

Now I seriously do not know if I should act on it and say sure pack your bags were going for a Lil r and r this weekend expenses paid by me.

Please need advice!

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