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DO first cousin SEX leads to HIV virus...?can my cousin,i would be HIV positive if we had sex with each other?i m 20,she is 18 my father's brother daughter please suggest me we love eachother since 2 year,now we want to make love for each other?..if it's real we don't want to live a weird life ?

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Not unless one of you already has it. For it to spread, one partner has to already be positive. If someone has told you this, they have no clue as to how it works. If you are nervous about it, both of you get tested. If both of you are negative, then it won't just pop up out of nowhere because you are cousins.

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NO NO NO just having sex with your cousin will not make you HIV positive!!!

The only way that would happen is IF one of you are already infected with the HIV virus.

The most common routes of transmission of the HIV virus is through sharing of needles by drug users, sex with an already infected

partner, tainted blood transfusion ( and that is VERY rare anymore). If you want more information webMD.com has lots of good information

on lots of medical "stuff".

If you are this afraid then you have a couple of options~~ abstain from sex altogether, each of you get tested for HIV before you

do anything or use a condom ( which we know isn't always 100% safe either) You should always use some precautions

if you aren't wanting a result of pregnancy.

I am in the dental field  and this is information I have to be aware of as far as the transmission routes for the  virus.

There may be other odd or rare incidences but these are the most common.

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Only if one is already infected can someone catch HIV, without protection (a condom). Another way were some have caught the virus is by blood tranfusions, although it's very rare as far as i know.

Having sex with a cousin does not mean you would catch HIV unless he/she was or is already infected with the virus by him not using a condom.


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