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I'm not sure how to start this. Me and

  my love the man of my dreams have

always liked eachother since we were

  little we didn't grow up together but

our families would visit eachother our

moms are sisters everytime we

would be together we'd have the best

  time and we could talk about

everything our goodbyes were always

  the worst

one summer they came

  over I was about 12 he was 13 he

tried kissing me and as much as I

  wanted to I felt guilt well you know

because society sees it wrong so I

  always tried to hide my feelings but everytime we would see eachother    they just kept growing until this past  summer

  I went to visit he lives in Mexico btw  everything was amazing we both followed our hearts and feelings      everytime we kiss it's just me and him nothing else matters when I'm with him he makes me feel like no other all the cousins would sleep in one room and we would cuddle every night I  feel so safe in his arms we went to concerts, camping, Clubing, to some waterfalls the best time of my life and when it was time for me to come back him and his fam came back with me

  our first night at my home he snuck into my room and it was the first time we made love and it was the most wonderful thing in the world the way he touched and admired my body as well as I did to him it was all with love and very passionate of course i won't go into detail but i will say he's just so perfect I just love to feel him close to me he drives me crazy we also went to lots of places like Scandia,the beach,parties, k1 speedway every night we would watch the stars and just talk about everything and he would hold me in his arms then summer ended and this goodbye was even worse than all the others right when he got home we facedtimed both drowning in tears he promised to come see me in december

  those for months without him felt like eternities finally December came and just as he promised we reunited the first time I saw him again I was sooo nervous I ran into his arms aaa I just love him soo much every night he was here we slept together just me and him in my room walking up next to him every morning is just the best thing there could ever be we would wake up he would pull me in close kiss me and we would sleep for a little longer our new years was just me and him no one else and it was the best way I could have spent my new year but then again he had to go back :(

  in February I went to Mexico a family emergency we saw eachother for about 5 days and now I'm back in my room without him sleeping alone it's so hard to be without him all those "I miss you" and "I love you" aren't enough I need him here with me I miss him so much I just feel empty and with no motivation without him he's coming in June and some may say soon but for us it feels like eternity how I wish I could just crawl into his arms right now and fall asleep with no worry what so ever its just so hard it hurts so much i miss him but no matter how hard it is I'll wait for him forever <3

  oh and we're planing on telling the fam in June we wanna be together. even thought we don't care what they say it is a bit scary many of them suspect already and it's not so positive but he's the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with him <3 I left out lots of thing so it wont be long cus it already is lol

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With my greatest respect, may I ask you to edit your post to include paragraphs and line spacing?

As much as I want to read your post, it's difficult as my middle age eyes keep reading the same lines over and over again.

Thank You, CD

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