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need urgent help...

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        i am also  love with my cousin. but he is my mom's own sister's son, i am 30y and he 34y we r in love with childhood. . . We love our family a lot and cant go against them, so if u can help me plz, need help !!! i come from a south Indian family. i need a couple who is ready to help me out bcoz i have very less time some one can help me plzzzzzzzzzzzz................................. mail id (email address removed for poster's protection) looking who r in same trouble please. i have veryless time. yeterday only i came to know. my family forcing for marry from past 8 yrs not able to do anything with lots of hope looking forward.

I am very very ........... sorry............ Admin people if u think i am posting continuously i am not getting reply so thought that my post is not reachable so posting one more time, i read the treads wic u sent. I request u all Admin people to help me n inform any cousin couples who r in same position .



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  • Administrator

like i told you in private a couple of weeks ago, i'm not familiar enough with your culture to give good advice on your problem! BUT, you're in a good place here, because there are some people from india on the forums i think, and when they see your message, they'll be able to give you better advice than i can :)

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