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The "stare"

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Hey guys,

My cuz and I haven't been talking for a few months now, we had a bit of a falling out. I've seen her a few times since at different functions, but she's kept her distance. The first time I saw her after our episode, I attempted to make some small talk with her and just be friendly. She just responded with half-hearted nods and a sad look on her face, wouldn't even look me in the eye though. However, I felt her gaze the whole night. Sometimes we'd lock gazes for a split second and both would look away..my buddy said he caught her staring at me when I was flirting with another girl. The urge to look at her was so intense at times I'd have to turn my back away from her to avoid it. I'd even leave the room, but she'd follow me and somehow get into my line of view again. Why is she doing this? Why can't she just open up communication with me so we can talk all this out? Since our falling out, every time I see her she has a blank, sad look on her face and never smiles like she would when we were together. It's obvious she's not happy.

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