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Ain't Nobody's Business But Your Own

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When I was a teenager (16/17), my older sister decided to cut all ties from the family.  Don't ask me why, I suspect that drugs had something to do with it but that has never been confirmed.  Five yrs ago this sister decides she is ready to come back to the fold.  I have no desire, really, for a relationship with her.  She is 11 years older and we really never had a close bond to each other and then she walked out of my life for almost 30 years, so there's just not a connection with her.  I have been somewhat accommodating of her and her family simply for the sake of my mother.

I give this background info to lay the foundation for my story.

A couple of weeks ago my sister's 15 year old son sent me a Facebook message asking me who my boyfriend is.  I replied with "That's an ancient Chinese secret, my dear", which really set him off.  When I told him that when I was ready to share personal information with his mom, I would tell her personally, he got very defensive, telling me that I did not treat family right, blah, blah, blah (little twerp).  Long story short, he and his mom have been blocked from my FB page.

I tell this because there are many people here who struggle with whom to tell, when to tell and how to tell others about your cousin relationship.  Let me just tell you that this is nobody's business but your own.  My cousin and I have been dating since last June and living together since Feb, and it has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.  Only a select few know about our cousin status.  I suppose that since I am forty-cough, cough, something, I am more emboldened to tell others to go "jump in the lake" if they have a problem with my relationship.  We can worry and fret over the what ifs, but ultimately WE alone are responsible for making our life's choices.  Yes, sometimes family will disapprove (my cousin's dad is not very happy with us), but as for me, I am going to choose the path of happiness and contentment and live the life that I know has been chosen for me by my God. 

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Good for you!!!!!! 

People who try to control you deserve exactly what you gave them.

I gave you some karma!  Not only for removing them from FB but for sharing the information with other cousins.  Very positive and helpful.



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Spot on Serendipity.

That 15 year old twerp is probably fishing for information for someone else, someone needs to push him in the lake.

I don't trust facebook as far as I can throw it, always family members on there trying to spy on me and my cuz...

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