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There are times, times alone when I ponder for hours. When she comes

to my mind, I don?t let her go.

Sometimes I don?t let her in my mind because I feel it?s wrong, but

then it?s a sweet mistake.

So here it goes. We are on the beaches of Kashid, It?s evening time

close to sunset, and we walk on the shore. Our legs playfully move - slowly

hitting the waves. When I look back her small soft toes leaves

beautiful impressions on the sand. We talk about small pitty and

unimportant things, hand in hand we walk together.

I can see her beautiful legs. She wore a skirt almost covering her

knees. Water splashed on to them and they were shining in the mild Sun.

It so much reminds me of my mother. She has the same legs. Small and

pretty. I feel reluctantly attracted to such a beautiful pair of legs.

The silver anklets covering her bare ankles reflect the rays. The image

of it would stay with me for many years.

Eventually we talk a lot, mostly our part of the challenges of life

ahead. We both remind ourselves of our time together, and cherish the

carefree and careless moment we had spent together.

Kept apart for so many years, we were separated as children. I have a

special connection for her. I do not know where it comes from. The

world may not approve but I like to spend time with her. We would

become close, emotional.  There would be moments when she would look

into my eyes and say that if we were not born this way she would have

married me.  Her affection touches me a lot.

Later we went for dinner.  This would always be a special one; this

one was much more special. Next to the beach very close to the waves,

we sat on tables. There was a candle covered with a lamp.

The breeze hit our faces. We had a very lite dinner, but it went

for a long time.

Whenever I am with her it is very easy to decide on food, we both eat alike.

I also got few things to drink.

She is usually very carefree with me. And I let her be, as it makes

her smiles more beautifully. I let her do what she wants to, the way

she wants to. I get her trendy clothes; dress up like she wants .

Basically she looks more beautiful when she is very happy. I love her

that ways.

She got a little drunk and then hugged me tight. She said she was sad

for few things. That?s very normal. I let her have my support.  She

had supported me so many times. Sadness comes and goes, but we need to

share. I share it all. This makes me very close to her.

I then took her again for a walk so she becomes very normal. Her hands

swinging, playing in the wind, and my hands around her waist, we


Her hairs bumped my face, I did not mind. We sat near to the beach. It

was night. Her face lit bright in the moonlight. We embraced each

other.  I did not want to leave this moment.

There were couples around us, it was romantic. Every time we went out

the world would mistake us for being couples. And we would laugh.

I kept my hands on to her shoulders and her hands held me. They were

feather soft. The wind drifted my thoughts.

I remember it was when we were very young. In our old village we were

together for few days.  I was next to her in summer evening and

kept talking. Eventually it was late night, very late but we both were

whispering to reach other, sweet funny things.  We made jokes about

our relatives and the place like best buddies. Eventually she started

talking about her college problems and was sad. Then I kissed on her

forehead, cracked few jokes to calm her down. She smiles, I then

kissed her cheeks. She smiled and came closer. I din?t know but I

wanted to kiss her more like I used to do to my mother. This would not

be appropriate, we began whispering, still.

It was then my grandmother came and scolded us to sleep.  We stopped.

I slept next to her.

My thoughts drifted to these old days sitting next to her on the beach.

But today things were different, we were grown-ups and this was happening for real.

I kept my fingers in her hairs and began caressing. I knew she likes

my touches, she relaxes, I try to calm her down with my strokes, for

few moments she breathes heavily and then her tensions wears down. She

slowly came on my lap, rested her head on my thighs  and gestured sleeping.

There wouldn't be anyone for us to ask to sleep. It was a wonderful

beautiful evening. I bowed down and kissed her forehead.  I wanted to

tell her few things special.

She opened her glittering eyes, they saw me. I was drifted in this

moment. One of my hands went to her face. I began caressing her

forehead ? gently, I wanted her to feel the strange closeness I feel when she

is around. With the aura of the moment, I forgot the consequences and

did not stop caring about the world.  I wanted to express.

I moved my fingers on to her ears; she was a bit ticklish, smiling. I

bent down and came close to her face, touched my nose to her neck. I think she felt my heavy breath, and it tickled her more. I was anxious and excited.  My lips then went very close to her ears, and I whispered,

? I love you ?.

She held my hands tightly, and said she does that too. Catching some

breath of myself, very gently I slid my hand to her sand-wet toes and I

began stroking them. I played with her ankles moving the beautiful anklet in circles.

I was too late for me to think, I was attracted to her and I wanted to express.

I then gave very soft and gentle kisses on her forehead, then on

cheeks. Surprisingly her hands rubbed my face, she pulled my t shirt

pushing me towards her. This gave me some time; I kept showering

gentle kisses on her face and my hands explored her legs.  We kissed.

The moment went for eternity, it was beautiful.

I came close to her ears and whispered

?  I am sorry if I hurt, I sometimes miss you as a passionate lover.  I want to be one. May I be one ?

If not in reality, in my dreams ? And if you let me, in my stories?  ? I then took a while and whispered

?If you don?t like it, I will not?and leave..?

Saying this made me feel lighter.

It was very late then , she could walk until the hotel stairs. But

then it was difficult for her and I lifted her in my arms and took her to bed.

Being scared for what I did and said, I tried to sleep on other side of the bed away from her.

But when I woke up the next day morning we were cuddling each other

and sleeping in arms. It was sweet. She would cuddle to me, so many times.  I

knew we would not be able to be apart.

It was time for us to leave to our own lives, we were apart. But sometimes I think

of her  :cheesy:, I go back to the beach, to the time when we are far away from the world. Just two of us  :cheesy:

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