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Ratio of people who regretted

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I regret not having had more actual conversation over "us." We have that "look in each others' eyes and know what the other is thinking" thing, and a little less staring in each others' eyes and "glowing in the knowing," and a little more actually SAYING it and asking what we could possibly do about it would have been good.....

Had we done that, who knows, things might have been much different. But, we didn't, and they weren't. Things now are what they are. We cannot change them, and regret is a type of emotion that has the potential to consume one as much as anger, envy, jealousy, or any other deleterious emotion. It's fine to have the usual "what ifs?" but don't dwell on it too much. There is too much life to live going on around you to overly focus on what might have been. As you get older, you will reflect on more than one thing you would have done differently.

I'm not with my cousin, and never will be, but, I do think I'll go have coffee with her here in about an hour..... :wink: :grin: We do NOT regret being each others' favorite cousin, or what little time we do get to spend together these days.

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