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Trying to figure out how to get married

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I will make this breif.

1st cousins once removed.

different last names

We both live in nevada.

How the hell can we get married!?! Lol

I don't see how anyone goverment agency is ever going to find out. They do not do blood tests in nevada, also we have different last names.

any ideas?  Can I goto California,  or maybe make it a hawaii marriage?


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If you did go to another state to get married (e.g., Colorado, California, Hawaii), Nevada has a "void" clause buried in its divorce law which would make your marriage "void".  On top of that, it's one of the few states that considers intercourse between first cousins once removed to be "incestuous", treating them no differently than parent/child or siblings - as a felony with a *minimum* punishment of 2 years in prison and maximum of *life*.  I didn't find any case history that would invalidate that when applied to cousins of any sort, so bottom line: if you want a long-term relationship, leave Nevada.

To answer the other point about government agencies, no, they generally don't know or care once you're married.  There are only a few circumstances where they would.  Some of these include: you go to get divorced later and one of you brings it up in an effort to get the marriage nullified to avoid community property laws; one of you dies and relatives bring it up in order to nullify the marriage to get hold of the marital assets; a bitter relative or "friend" decides to report it to the police to attempt to have you arrested.

Some states, like Kansas, have a case history adjudicated by the state's Supreme Court that invalidates the "void clause" when applied to cousin marriage.  Other states, like Arizona, have a case history similarly adjudicated, which validates its "void clause" in cousin marriage.  I only looked for a few minutes but didn't find any case history in Nevada so you're best to assume the law stands as is.

Sorry I don't have a better answer.


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the goverment should stay out of it, lol.

Well, there is no end to the list of things the government should stay out of, and no end to the list of things they are willing to poke their noses into either. I'm not going to say you couldn't quietly do as you plan, and get by. But, if you do, you had best be prepared to be the guinea pigs for a big ole bunch a drama filled test case. I hope you have deep enough pockets to prevail too, because it won't be cheap either. In the grand scheme of things, it would be easier and cheaper to move to more friendly environs.  :wink:

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