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Need legal advice - India

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Guest Blank

I recently married my cousin in a temple. I cannot register the marriage as the Indian law is against it. We are planning to elope and live separately but the problem is that my wife's dad might file a kidnap case. I do not have any legal proof that we are married to show in police station. Is there any steps I can take so that her dad cannot file a kidnap case against me?

Will the police refuse to lodge kidnap case against me if we file for protection first?

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We have a hard enough time trying to determine exactly what the laws are here in the USA. Even though we have a pretty good working idea for our purposes here on this site, we STILL don't give legal advice.

My question would be, if she is old enough to marry, whether in a temple, and not specifically legally, is she not old enough to make her own decision as to where she lives? I don't get how it's kidnapping if she is of age, and is with you of her own choice. How are you to be charged with kidnapping if the police show up, and she says "No, I am here freely, of my own doing and choice"? 

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Hey Blank, I am in India too, sorry to hear about your situation, but as per the Hindu Marriage act you cannot marry your cousin.

The way i see around that is by "Convert to another religion" for example Islam. It is ok to be married to your cousin in a muslim community.

Me being an atheist religion & god does not really matter to me. but to you it might be more than spending your life with your cousin and if it is then you are stuck with no where else to go, but if you both convert to a religion that allows cousin marriage you are no longer applicable to the Hindu Marriage act.

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