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plzzz help

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Ok so here's the situation so me (15) and my cousin(21) have feelings for each other.we just don't wanna own up to it but we always flirt. Its kinda obvious, anyways, My mom is getting married and im staying with him While she is on her honeymoon. I dont know whether to confess my feelings or keep flirting

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You should do neither, my dear.  Do not confess your feelings and do not keep flirting.  I can not say this emphatically enough. 

You are a 15 year old girl and he is a 21 year old man.  Even without the legal ramifications that could fall upon him if the two of you cross the line and become intimate, you are simply too young for him....at least right now.  As a mom of teenage girls, I can tell you that I would not be happy if a 21 year old pursued one of my daughters when they were your age. 


For now, you need to take a deep breath, find things to do with friends your own age while your mom is on her honeymoon and do not spend any time alone with your cousin.  I know this sounds extreme to you, but you need to be smart here.  If in 2 or 3 years you still get butterflies in your stomach when you're around your cousin, then perhaps you can see what will happen.  But for now, let this crush blow over.

BTW, if he's a gentleman, he is not going to make any inappropriate advances toward you (and yes, a 21 year old man flirting with a 15 year old girl is inappropriate). 

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Your behavior could have the effect of sending your cousin to jail and having him marked as a sex offender for the rest of his life.  Is that the result of love?  I don't think so. 

Find someone else to stay with while your mother is on her honeymoon.


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