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I have no idea what to do next? should i end it or keep it going this way?

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well , im 16 and the cousin im talking about is 19.  i met him when i was 14 for the first time and i felt like i had a terrible crush on him at the first day i saw him. though i heard its hormones and it will go away , it didnt. now , after 3 years feelings hasnt changed. he lives in another country and i see him once a year in summer. fortunately its his birthday in summer and we are all invited usually lol. but anyway , i think he likes me too and also he gets jealous when i noticed him . but i think, at least i guess, he tries to kill the feelings. everytime i tried to pick up lines he treated cold and not interested so im not doing it anymore. but i think he likes me after all and he cares about me. once we almost confessed attraction , but in a friendly way. like, he said i like you more than other cousins because you care and you are so kind. and i said i like you more than them too because you mean different to me. i cant really read his mind. sometimes he is good and sometimes no. and i figured out that he is jealous when im hanging with my 2 guy cousins who are really close to me( just like im jealous about him :D )

he acts weard when im around. he sits down and he is completely quiet deeply thinking about something that i can never figure out about. he is always like that when im around. just quiet and sad and unhappy. sometimes he ignores me and it makes me really angry :D but some other times he is really supportive. im supportive of him and really really kind to him so it makes me feel bad when he changes to a bad guy. i also caught him several times staring at me. we dont usually talk face to face too much because we are shy i guess but we spent hours and hours chatting on facebook and it went well luckily...

but now , what do you think i should do? why he acts ignoring and quiet and very kind and supportive at the same time? do you think he likes me and hes shy or just he is being normal and im being silly and overly opened up? am i taking all the action and i should make him to do something ? im just confused and missing him terribly and i cant wait to see him this year.

thanks for your help :)

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I see two obstacles in your way:

1.  The fact that you live in different countries.  Being in a long distance relationship is hard enough when you are already committed to someone; trying to develop a relationship without seeing each other frequently is nearly impossible.

2.  Neither you nor your cousin seem ready to embark upon a romance.  I say this because the two of you are beating around the bush, trying to send subliminal messages to each other, being coy, and taking the "easy" road by chatting on FB but not talking to each other face to face. 

Right now you have a crush on your cousin and that is fine, but you are spending too much time letting your emotions get tangled up.  You ask if you are being "overly opened up", and I say, "Yes".  You cannot make him do anything; if he wants to get to know you better, he will. 

You are 16 - focus on school right now and start thinking about how to prepare yourself for university or job training when you graduate. 

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