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i just need a safe place to vent this is the only place no one judges

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Well tonight on my facebook it kept saying i had a message but i didnt so i went off my apo

And the google through my facebook there i found still no new message but i saw the other inboxes

So i decided to check it for the hell of it there was a message from unknown person no pictures no friends

Ive attach the message here to heres the thing my mom is on drugs i have nothing to do with her for that reason tried to help many times anyways last year when i was still prego w my son she found i was prego called up my dad which are no longer together talking crap to him it made me mad so on sep.25 i wrote a post about her just venting i have a few family members from her side that are block but yet due to them being so bored they all still find a way to look at my stuff i have a cousin which i cant stand anymore some her up ungrateful b*tch has everything handed to her let me tell u no saint at all she has been in so much trouble from being picked up by cops for drinking at her dead fathers grave to doing beer runs sleeping w married men alot growing up she used to make fun of me for being bi but now shes a lesbion lol anyways few years ago she got knocked by some married guy he doesnt even know thats his daughter she keeps it a secert but few of us know the truth well she lives w a girl that if her parents know she was gay would disown her pretty much i know all her secerts anyways she wrote one of my cousins after the status i posted about my mom my cousin told me i was pissed but i was prego couldnt do anything i have a son with my first cousin my son is beautiful healthly amazing baby smart as heck too i told my sons father as that happened he told me to keep quiet dont let her get to be for the sake of our son so i let go my sons father and i are kept a sercet hints do we all know how "family" can be about this topic of cousins this is the 2nd time now she has talked crap about my son oh and before i forget this b*TCH had the nerve to send flowers while i was in labor w my son and signed the damn card im just lost im so annoyed that she even takes the time to botger w me well anyways this message was sent last year under a fake boys name i have got the confirm it was her who wrote this i just wanna live in peace w no bs from her or anyone anyways i just needed to vent i cant sleep my anxiety is out there thanks to whoever reads this

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marie, i'd be happy to read it if you would use some punctuation. there isn't even a period in your post. it looks like one huge long run-on sentence.

edit it. put some periods and commas where they need to be, and blank lines between paragraphs. THEN i'll read it. and maybe others will too.

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They mean edit the post you wrote here so that they can understand your story. not edit the attachment.

I read that you have a son by your first cousin & he basically said to ignore any bs from your family.  Sounds about right.  Other people often like to make drama about other people's lives instead of living their own.  Life really is too short, we are only on this earth for a very short time.  Your baby is healthy & you are happy?  That's great.  Enjoy it. 

What I don't understand from your post is, if this message on fb from a family member was sent > 6mths ago, why is it bothering you now?  What has happened today or this week to make this salient?

Lori :)

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I know i just wanted to remove it all together but i will edit it

The blog area is just different so old school .

I didnt know it look all smash together but ur right i'm just

Let it go! got to me last night because this is the 2nd time this cousin

Has said something so mean .

My son is very healthy and im very happy :)

I just wish people werent so closed minded it honestly bother me

So much the fact the family member that wrote the message isnt

Any better than me . I just simply wish i could call her out all her bs!

Part of me started thinking when my son gets older is he

Gonna have a bad life because of my choices . I love him and his father i

Would go through hell and back for my boys .

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