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i love my first cousin?we have a great understanding and are happy with eachorther but the problem is we dont know do first cousin get married.we are roman catholic and frm india..do special marrage act help us.our chruch will accept our relation or no...

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My VERY limited understanding of the various Marriage Acts in India is that Muslim and Christian cousins are allowed to marry, and SOME Hindu cross cousins are allowed to in certain parts of India. (South India, IIRC) My best advice would be for you to get a copy or look online for the Christian Marriage Act, and read it through till you understand it. Then, you would want to speak to your priest. The general consensus is that the Roman Catholic church WILL allow cousins to marry, provided it is legal where you are, (should be) and you get a dispensation from the diocese. (Shouldn't be a problem, and should be free or not very expensive) 

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