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I think I like my step cousin.

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He's my half-brother's cousin(different dad's). He has feeling for me. He's told me straightforward that he likes me and that he's wanted to kiss me. He's also called me beautiful, stuff like that(I'm not going to lie though, I love being flattered).He's even said that he loved me. I told him that we're too young to know what love is, though, but he kept saying how I don't understand and how he really likes me. Idk. We've known each other for pretty much 6 years because of my brother, since he was born 6 years ago. My feelings for him went back and forth. I don't WANT to like him, but he's so sweet, which makes me fall for him more, and he's attractive as well, which makes it even more complicated-_-. I dont have any particular kind of crush on him. I guessed you could say I'm just sort of interested. I've told him that it would be weird to date each other because, let's face it, we're practically related. I just don't know what feeling I should go with:(. Help??

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I say go for it! He's not even your "real" cousin so if being related really bothers you then cross that thing off your list. I am in a relationship with my cousin and its awesome so you dont want to miss out on something amazing. I wish my cousin was my step cousin so that it wouldnt be super difficult to deal with the whole acceptance thing although it would still be pretty hard. If the feelings are mutual then i say f* ck it :)

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watch your language please. surely you are intelligent enough to come up with a word that doesn't require you to use an asterisk. the next time you do something like that to bypass the filter, you're gonna find yourself having to get your posts approved by a moderator.

mcrbcfab, he IS right though. you're not related. if you want to pursue it, then do so. just take it slow. there's an old saying by merrit malloy.... baby birds that jump from the nest too soon, DIE. in other words, if you rush into a relationship before it has time to mature (non-sexually), then the relationship won't last.

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