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ideas on getting married

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My first cousin and I have been thinking lately about getting married. We want the family there, but problem is most more than likely will not show. Our dads are brothers, so we share the same last name. My side of the family won't tell anyone who I'm dating because once they say his last name the person usually either makes a relation joke or asks. We recently miscarried our first child and since then my side will not talk to us at all.

To sum it up, they are ashamed. His side don't agree, but since we have been dating 3.5 years and living together 3 of them, they are accepting of our relationship. We thought about eloping then telling them what we did, but apart of us is holding on to the fact that everyone would come and be accepting and respectful of our relationship.

Anyone have this issue, or how did everyone get married?


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well, mark and i had the family support on both sides.... and yet we chose a simple ceremony in my living room with only my mother and father there to witness it. :)

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