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my 2nd cousin and I

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So our parents are first cousins, so that makes us second cousins right? well anyways my second cousin and I were always attracted to each other then his parents got divorced and we didn't see each other as much and he didn't talk to this side of the family as much but he always was friendly to me! Well we started texting a year ago and he found out and I had never kissed a guy so he was bound and determined to be my first kiss and sure enough he was! Don't get me wrong its not just like a hook up we talk normally with randomly sexual talk, but this summer the hormones must be running wild because we're both even more hot and bothered by each other. We live in the middle of nowhere farm town (shocker huh?) well I only stay for the summer but he made up an excuse that he'd go fishing in the pond by my grandma's house but then my cousins got dropped off when I was home alone and I was on babysitting duty and well they saw his truck leaving before I saw it and they asked me who it was and word traveled fast round this family and they got it all worked out he ended having to talk to my grandma for an hour while my cousins and I were in the back laughing. But god did he look hot. We'll probably hook up but I dunno what will happen after that.....

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