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When you come on the site, if you look toward the bottom of the page, there is a section that shows "Users Online." It shows how many people are online, and, if members have their profile set to do so, which members are online. As with your other posts, you can always open the chat box, and see if someone comes in. Sometimes, I open it, and just let it run in the background. If someone comes in the chat, it gives a tone, and I'll check to see if they would like to chat. To actually have someone online and replying in real time in the threads is a little unusual. You have to keep refreshing the thread to see if there have been replies back and forth. The chat is just a lot easier. If I come online, and see someone in chat, I always pop in to say Hi. But, I will tell you, chat can act up. It has a bad habit of kicking people out of it. I have noticed since Boss made some upgrades some time back, it has been a lot more stable. It still has a problem with folks on mobile phones when they use it sometimes. It's the easiest way to get instant input and interaction......

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Sometimes AshleyNicole you've just got to be patient to get a reply from someone. Everybody needs questions and concerns to be answered but it does help them if they know what your concerns are. If you don't feel comfortable sharing it publicly, then use chat or maybe if the administrators aren't bothered about it, PM them  :smiley:

Hope that helps a little.


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