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Have a little respect

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Everytime I come up in here, this place is rearranged. Now we have breaking news banners everywhere. Well I GOT SOME BREAKING NEWS for you all heathens! Don't mess with cousins! That is your family! I would like to break a few other things around here --- ring them right off.

Now I was in a good mood. I watched a whole marathon of the charming "Here comes honey BoBo" earlier. She is classy compared to you neanderthals. If you all weren't related, you might could have a child that darn cute! Anyway, then my husband had to watch back-to-back Bruce Lee flicks where Mr. Kung Fu was messing around with a cousin! Watching wrestling or Kung Fu always gets me wound up anyway. I feel like I could flatten about 12 of you buzzads right now. I may not be able to do the round kicks to the face, but I could swing some num-chucks and bust some heads. I am steaming mad as a turd.

I do have my PI report on some of these moderators who run the place. I want everyone to know that KC is a pill head and has a wet brain. I am certain I am the only normal one around here. I'm not sure who this new HAWK fella is but I bet he aint never been whipped by a big-legged woman with a temper like Adolph Hitler. Where do you want to square off at?

Until we square off, CHEERS!

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Cheers is what we used to say back in the old country, sometimes over a glass of hard cider but not necessarily. In those days, only royalty would mess around with close cousins to keep the money and power in the family. I can't figure why regular folks would do that. I guess you do it to get extra food stamps and benefits since the government must know there is something wrong with you all.

The next time this group has a million cousin march in Mobile, I will be there. I'll be the one swinging the chucks. I took a few martial arts classes when I was a teen. I learned how to do some pretty fancy footwork. I also learned how to eat glass and do the one finger eye gouge.

Yall better be glad my medications just came in the mail. One is experimental still packed in ice. I don't think the postal lady delivered it because I heard a drone fly over a bit ago.  If the meds dont work, you'll be hearing about it because it will be your fault for getting me upset in the first place.

Cheers to all the close cousins.


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Somebody rang?

Hi Bigma. Been a little scarce around these parts since about the time I showed up, or you'd know who I am. I'm the guy that tells all the young'ns to stay in school. I bet you never listened to that advice back when you were still wet behind the ears, did you? Does your husband know about Leroy, or IS your husband now Leroy? And oh, yeah, believe me, after three marriages, and a bunch of crazy a$$ girlfriends like you, you can bet your bippy I ain't skeered a no big leg woman. I think I've finally found a gal that ISN'T some kinda kin to Adolph Hitler, actually. We've been together since October, and she hasn't raised her voice to me the first time, more less started an argument or a fight. But, I know you can't relate to that. From the posts I saw of yours back when you were coming on here trolling, you're always having a high speed come-apart about something. Did you ever get that food stamp deal or welfare check thing worked out? It would be a down right shame for you to miss a meal, you know. We wouldn't want you to dwindle down to nothing. If I remember right, it was them big ole thunder thighs that old Leroy just couldn't resist. And I'mma callin' BS on you attempts to stop his advances, too. You all but admitted you was flattered, and if he wasn't your cousin, you'd be all over him. I just bet you've been gone cause you didn't want to come back here and admit that you and Leroy had a fling. You talk a good game about how it's wrong for folks to mess around with their cousin, but I'm callin' "Smeller's the Feller" on you. I think you been gone cause you's with Leroy for while, wasn't ya? Come on, just admit it. You ain't gonna be the first one to admit it here, and you ain't gonna be the last. Fess up...

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