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How to tell my cousin how I feel about her!

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Hey guys!

I am here to ask about the best way to tell my cousin that I have feelings for her beyond those that you have towards a cousin and family member.

I live a very long way away from her right now, although I will be moving to the same country and town as her in the next year.

Because of this I can only text message her and occasionally video chat her. I would like to know what people think is the best way to tell her over text and/or video chat.

I'm a bit lost here as I can never seem to find the right moment and way to tell her. I know she considers me more than just any cousin or family member and we are fairly close and speak pretty much everyday unless she is busy. I know she considers me as more of a friend that just a cousin so for me that is a nice step, as it is easier to enter a relationship with a friend/close friend than a close family member to some extent.

I have kind of hinted towards the fact that I feel for her because I compliment it and we joke around with that a little. I have also once given off a massive direct hint because I couldn't help it but I still want to directly tell her my feelings.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any replies!


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Hey broski. Before telling her make sure she feels same way as of you. When you guys last time met, Do you noticed any change in behaviour around you? Do you catch her staring at you often? Is she always around you? Does she gets jealous when you talk with other girls? Does she touch you whenever she gets a chance? Is she is giggling and smiling around  you? Does she gets brighten face when she sees you? Does she gets upset when you are about to leave? Check for all these signs. If it's a positive one then go ahead and tell her in private place. Don't be pushy if she said no. Just take it causally and be her friend always.

I prefer to tell her in person other than in texting. Because in direct, though the person lies you can know the answers by the body language. I strongly believe this. All the best man..  :wink:

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